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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

At Work with Mummy

Woof, woof

Got a lovely surprise this morning when Mummy left for work - she took me with her and Nan!! It has been such a long time since I last went to her work that it was a new experience all over again. Lots of the staff members at Mummy's work could not believe just how big I've grown since they last saw me. Andrew (he is an IT techie - no, not something edible!) could just say over and over: Wow! Wow! Wow!

Nan pulling at my Wabbit in Mum's office

Sally (she is the golfing quilter or is it a quilting golfer?) is one of my 'followers' and she was not impressed because I went over to say Hi to Sam (she works with Sally in the Science Lab) before greeting her. All I can say to Sally is - I always keep the best for last! (I hope she buys that!)

Nan is behaving and keeping herself busy with the hook rug (it is going to be mine when she is finished with it!!) It is nice to have Nan at work too. I am lying down by Nan on the opposite side of Mum's desk. She is sitting on a huge round blue ball and I am not liking that thing - it moves!! I am used to seeing Mummy sit on a chair like normal people.

Ah, I also got to meet the previous Principal of The Hutchins School today. He is also a woof-lover and I got lots of rubs and praise from him. He gave me some 'work' to do with Sally and Sam (because I am a good dog he said). There is a Forensic Science camp during the school holidays here at work and I got to stand with Sally and Sam to meet and greet the students arriving. It was cccooooooooold outside - luckily I had Sally's feet to sit on hee hee. It is just sooooo nice and warm inside Mummy's office with the heater on.

Last night at dog training classes it was only Diesel (a Husky) and I. It was a much better class because we had more personal training. I got to go through a small tunnel and it sure is fun! You get a treat at the end of the tunnel. I also walked over a rubber 'gate' with rungs lying down and then received more treats. I must say, Diesel does not appear to be a happy-go-lucky dog at all. He is forever marking everything, including Nan last week!! Although we were allowed to play, he tries to be the 'top dog' by growling, bumping and getting on top of me. He does not seem to know what socialising is about and anyway, my friend, Max, is the Top Dog - so Diesel cannot claim the title! Nevertheless, we had fun - or at least, I did!

I can now 'turn' on command too and this week we will be learning the 'bow'. Watch this space for updates on how I go.

I am going to go to morning tea with Mummy and Nan now, so I better greet you all if I want to go with.

Thinking of a big juicy bone

Take care and God Bless

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Woof, woof
Where did the weekend go to? It felt like it was only Friday yesterday and it is now already Sunday evening. It feels like I got very little attention these past two days (but I made up for it, hee hee, will tell you later).
Mummy took Nan to Richmond yesterday and visited a number of shops, took a walk down to the Richmond bridge (oldest bridge in Australia still in use - built in 1823) and had something to eat too.

Nan outside the Richmond Bakery with her Coffee and pie.
Richmond Bridge (1823)
Mummy and Nan also visit the miniature town and although it was something different and pretty, I know Mummy will not go back again - I suppose once you humans have seen a thing you tend to not want to visit it unless it is unique??

An image of the 'old' Hobart at the miniature town

When they got back from Richmond, they fetched me and we went for a walk along the walkway near Rosetta High School. I must add, all this exercise is really getting my Nan into shape. She is not so breathless or tired any more! Way to go, Mummy!

On Sunday Mummy and Nan went through to Hobart and did a bit of craft shopping in Spotlight, then stopped off at the hardware store (Mitre 10) for some stain for The Dad. Whilst they went shopping, he sanded down a corner unit which he is going to paint and put into their room for Mummy to use as a dressing table - Mummy currently uses a collapsible tray-table as a dressing table for her goodies.

Then, when Mummy and Nan got back, they went off to the Hobart Botanical Gardens and spent the rest of the after noon there. Nan really enjoyed the beautiful flowers although Mummy pointed out that all the big trees that were so beautiful in November, covered with leaves and gave heaps of shade, now are only skeletons.

Nan admiring some of the orchids

NOW - to get to my story about making up for the fact that I got little attention - The Dad had done some washing of his work clothes and hung it up outside (in MY area) and left it outside when they left. Ugh-huh. Bad move, The Dad! I can reach, you know! Anyway, I kinda got bored being on my own and, after playing with all my other toys left out for me, decided that pulling down the washing was more fun - AND then dragging it all over the place. Mummy was NOT pleased when she saw this and I skedaddled off to the safety of The Dad (who had not seen my work yet!). He smiled when Mummy told him afterwards.
With the schools closed, Nan will be going in to work with Mummy, so I will be Home Alone again! Ah, well, I am sure that I will find something to do during the day!
Hope you all had a great weekend too and that your week is that way as well.
I trust all my friends are keeping well and maintaining good health. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Until we meet again, tails up and God Bless

Friday, September 4, 2009

Yeah - its Friday!!!

Woof, woof

I think I have managed to pin Mummy down and more committed to MY cause. I am important too, you know!

I am busy growing up fast and not only is that noticable by my weight and height increases. Mummy now have two of my puppy teeth that she has put into a shoe (hers) under her bed (my bed is too low), for the Tooth Fairy. With the money I hope to get, I will buy myself a nice juicy bone to chew on!

Oh, Mummy also bought me some REAL toothpaste for canines only. Not that I have any idea of what she is trying to do when she tries to brush my teeth - but it tastes OK (I suppose).

Mummy and Nan went absolutely dilly last night when I learnt to 'turn'. I quickly got the hang of things when Mummy not only praised me but also gave me treats. Now, I will sit, drop and turn, one after the other, because there is a treat in there somewhere hee hee

The Dad was not impressed with me last night when I followed some children up the road. He was busy in the garage and I was supposed to stay with him but the laughter and excited voices of the kiddies got ME all excited too. What is a Pup supposed to do, I ask? Anyway, The Dad came up the road to fetch me and just knew this was not where I was supposed to be. Not that he said or did anything, I just KNEW. I really, really tried to become one with the tarmac - did not work - The Dad saw me and brought me back home. Oh well, maybe another day........

Mummy will be taking Nan and me for a bit of a roadtrip this weekend so that Nan can see more than just our house, Mummy's work, and the way to and from it. I am so looking forward to that. The Dad also suggested we go up the East Coast on Sunday. Let's hope the weather knows this!

I am so proud of my friend, Maxdog, for winning the Bubble Competition. Good on you, Max.

My heart also goes out to Woodrow. You hang in there, Buddy, and fight! Many prayers going out for you!

And then there is Princess. mmmmmmmmm What a charming Girl! If only you lived closer.

I also read up about Sgt Stubby (an apparent stray cross Pit Bull / Boston Terrier) who saw service in WW1 on the American side. Makes me proud to be a Pit Bull! It also makes me ask - why are some Humans cruel and fickle? Pity, there is so much we can learn from each other - and who says canine's don't have feeling? I suppose that is a lesson for another day, another time.

Everybody must have a great weekend and I hope you all get lots of lovely walkies in too.

Until next time, take care and God Bless.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Pictures

The Dad and I in front of the new back fence. Look how tall I have grown! Whose your puppy now??
This is my Mummy and Nan on her 80th birthday up on Mount Wellington.
Nan outside Mummy's office at work.
Here are some of the mates I meet when we go walking on the beach at Bellerive - passing strangers.
This is Bella and I romping around on the beach.

Seeing the sun again

Woof, woof

My, Oh, My - after so many weeks of seemingly unstoppable rain and snow weather in Hobart, there was some sunshine yesterday and today, so far, another little bit shining through. What is a puppy supposed to do when the grass is wet, soggy and cold and you need to do your doodle? Ever seen a 15kg 5-month Pit Bull walk on his tippy toes? hee hee - I am pretty good at this, even if I must say so myself.

The Dad bought some sheep poo a while ago and put it out on the grass outside of 'my' enclosure BUT left the bag where I could get hold of the one corner. Great-guns!! Did I have a field day with this smelly but yummy (to me, at least) nibblies! Only problem is, it took about two days before the negative effect kicked in and had my Mummy waking up in the middle of the night from the resulting smell and urgent need to clean my sleeping area two nights in a row - as well as in the morning. I felt sooooo bad but Mummy did not even look cross at me - not even once. She loved and cuddled me and I felt much better when she kissed me and stroked me after cleaning up and putting me back to bed. I got taken to the Vet on the Sunday morning and received some antibiotics which I need to take for five days. The worst part of this ordeal was that I was not allowed to eat the WHOLE of Sunday!! Not even my biggest pleading eyes would melt Mummy's heart (I kept wondering why she turned away from me so quickly when I always looked at her). Must be a human thingy. At least now I am back to myself again and on top of things again (literally hee hee).

Nan went to work with Mummy on Wednesday to help her with some work and I was left Home Alone again!! Plus, to make things worse, Mummy and The Dad found my sneak-out-of-the-gate place and The Dad has now put something up so that I cannot go through anymore. Mummy has built such an obstacle course of heavy rocks and wooden blocks that even SHE struggles to open the gate (will teach her!) I managed to get out of the yard about a week ago and luckily a neighbour phoned the number on my name tag attached to my collar. Somehow, I do not think Mummy, The Dad or even Nan were impressed with my 'adventure'! I wonder why?

I have now also finished both the Puppy and Level 1 classes (got a certificate for this one - will have Mummy add it to my blog later when she has time) and have started on Level 2 classes this month. I am such a clever one! And I seem to have won the instructors over too - Yes!!! I get praised often and used as an example too. Love the attention! But I must add, Mummy and I work pretty hard at home too in order for me to remember everything taught to us. I still get confused sometimes but Mummy never shouts at me and just encourages me more. I like that very much.

The Dad has been very active downstairs in the garage sorting out the packing and storage space so that his and Mummy's hobby work benches can get cleared and put in it's right place. Last night The Dad brought some new lights home that he will install for Mummy over her work bench. I think Mummy is keen to get going on her Dollshouse construction again, especially with Nan here to help. Nice to have Nan with us. Wonder if we can keep her here forever - but I think Ciara (Mummy's niece and Goddaughter) will miss her too much if that ever happened?

I know that Mummy tries so hard to get to my blog in the evenings but feels so guilty if she does not spend time with either Nan or The Dad (he gets kinda grumpy without enough attention - and here I have to spend ALL day without Mummy's attention!!). Wonder if Mummy can be divided into parts for all of us? mmmmmmmm maybe not such a good idea, might be a bit messy hee hee

Mummy will be taking some time off during the school holidays in September and I know that we will be going out for walks and drives and I am OH SO looking forward to THAT! I know, I know, I cannot go with everytime, especially when Mummy takes Nan to Bonorong (lovely wildlife park near Hobart). We know the owner and Mummy works with the owner's Father too - so they will be getting VIP treatment when they go! I would love to go with but I do not think I could handle seeing all the animals behind fences. At least they are well cared for and gives people the opportunity to see some of Tasmania's special animals. Mummy loves this place.

Oh, before I forget. Mummy also brought Nan into work on her 80th birthday (Friday, 28 August). Mummy had ordered some butterfly fairy cakes from the one lady at work, bought a carrot cake and some sausage rolls on her way to work that morning too. At morning tea all these were put out - only thing is that another lady also had her birthday on that day and she also had some cakes made - AND - somebody had gone out to buy some real yummy looking fruit tartlets and pate. A real feast it was. Mummy got a 4 inch by 2 inch round candle from the Science lab and light that for Nan to blow out. The fact that there were some teachers also sitting in the staffroom at the time just made the group who sang 'Happy Birthday' to Nan that many more voices and poor Nan was in tears (but she smiled with happiness). That evening after work the humans went up to Mount Wellington and walked in the fresh snow. I believe it was ffrreeeeeezing cold up there. Mummy will also put up some photos of this adventure. Heck, 80 years old and you go frolicking in the cold and wet weather! I fear to ask, what next. After that they went to Fish Frenzy and Mummy and Nan had the fish platter (Mummy loves this but it is too much for one person). Nan had some wine with this and then, as if all of these activities were not enough, they went for a walk down to the yachts - THEN back to Mures where Mummy and Nan bought some ice-cream and The Dad had another glass of wine. Eventually they were asked to leave because the place was closing (not really that late!).

Mummy and The Dad bought Nan a digital photoframe for her birthday and when she goes back to South Africa, she will have loads of pictures as a slideshow which the rest of the family can watch (and see ME too!!). Nan too has fallen for my charms and she is such a push-over (figuratively AND physically hee hee).

Ooops, I need to let Mummy get on with her work again, so I better greet you all now. I took heed of my friend Max' advise and worked on Mummy every day until she succumed to my pleas and got to enter a bit of updating onto my blog. I hope the next update does not that this long!

Take care of yourselves and keep well
God Bless

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Please be patient - your call will be answered ...

Woof, woof
I know you must be thinking that I've grown tired of adding to my blogg; however, with The Dad enlisting Mummy's help to erect the back fence, Mummy working in the evenings to get the house ready for my Nan's arrival (arrived Monday, 10 August) and now Mummy and Nan chatting the night away, I struggle to pin her down long enough to add my new photos and news - but I am working on it.
Please be patient - I promise it will not be that long before an update is posted. Mmmmmm, maybe I must enlist Nan's help .... or maybe not; she did not know how to answer our cordless home phone when Mummy phoned on Tuesday to check that Nan was OK. Mummy ended up phoning The Dad to come home to see if we were OK at home!
At least I now get to come indoors with all the ongoing rain the past couple of weeks hee hee!!
Until we get back into blogging
Take care and God Bless

Monday, July 27, 2009

Remnants of the last snow

Woof, woof
What a weekend it has been. So many places visited and so many things done. I think I will need this week coming to get over it all hee hee.
Saturday morning I 'helped' Mummy get the sheets on the line - only to be told firmly- NO! Yelp, how was I supposed to know this task was for humans only?? Anyway, it got her speeded up a bit, I think, because I wanted to go for my beach stroll and soon afterwards, we got going! There were not so many friends around this time but I still got to meet more new friends.
Again, as usual, they do not seem to be interested in socialising a lot but rather go chasing after frisbees or tennis balls. I'm learning about this. You must see my new frisbee!
I just have to figure out what I must do with it. I must add though that, to Mummy's dismay, I truly found the sticks on the beach to be more interesting than the frisbee. I again discovered some Star fish that had washed up on the beach.
Oh, and I ventured into the water by myself and thought that I had to drink it up or drown! Problem is, there was so much of it and it tasted awful!
Some of the humans I met on Saturday seemed very unfriendly and just ran - and then kept on running. I tried to catch up to them but Mummy called me back. You must also see, I left my own paw prints in the sand!
After our beach walk, Mummy and I ended up going to Pane Cucina (not La Panini as Mummy originally thought - HUMANS!!), the cafe and bakery in North Hobart. Sad things was, there were no other doggies there for me to socialise with!
On our way home, Mummy stopped off at our usual 'Sunday Walk' place and I got to run around a bit to let off some more energy before we headed for home.
On Sunday afternoon late, Mummy, The Dad and I drove up Mount Wellington because Mummy wanted to show me the snow. Was it windy and cold up there, Woof!!! I got dressed up warm but the cap kept falling over my eyes and I could not see where I was going so, in the end, it was pushed off my head. It was an experience to feel all this wet, cold and watery white stuff under my eetsy bitsy tiny paws (OK - they are not that small - still). I got to climb and run in this stuff and found it very interesting. I even left my paw prints in the snow too!
It was dark by the time we left but The Dad sure enjoyed standing outside and looking down at the shimmering lights of Hobart! Lucky for me, Mummy travels with a supply of food in the car and I got to have a bite to eat. I think I was starving (but Mummy is always there to look out for me - mwhah!) by this time.Then The Dad wanted to go to the Waterfront for something to eat because Mummy was very hungry and I got to go with too! I had my own chair under a nice gas heater outside the restaurant. Although I do not get fed from the table, Mummy gave me a lick of some cream that came with the desert. I think I can get used to that stuff! Yummy! Pity, Mummy would not let me have more.
When we got home, Mummy gave me a nice bowl of my own special food (which I cleaned up quickly) and I then got into bed almost immediately! What a busy weekend it has been. We now have a new letterbox too and I got to rip the box apart that was wrapped around it! I will get Mummy to take a photo of this during the week. I think it looks nice. We still need to put up a proper number on the pedestal but the small one is OK for now. I noticed that Mummy also put up a 'No Junk Mail, Please' sticker - we sure get a lot of that in our letterbox here!
Will keep you updated of how the painting of the passage goes! Oh, I did not mention this before? The Dad bought some paint for the passage because there is a big unpainted place in the wall from where he removed the passage bank heater. Got to get the house looking nice for my Nan's visit from South Africa! I am looking forward to her coming to visit (as is Mummy) because then I have somebody with me ALL DAY! Wooofffeeeeeeee! The Dad wanted a white but Mummy is dead-set against a 'sterile' house as she wants to bring in bright colours. Anyway, the colour is a very, very pale lemon. I will give you a peek when it has been done.
Stay well all my other four-legged friends - oops, and human friends hee hee.
Until we meet again, God Bless.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Training 'Mummy'

Woof, woof
As promised, I have had some photos taken at the training classes last night. Even though Mummy was not feeling up to it, she still took me (which I am grateful for) but she sure did not look that much alive! I am not all too sure about these classes. Firstly, my first need is to socialise and this does not seem to happen so often at the classes. We must sit, stay, go play, come and just, oh, so many other silly commands, followed by a click and then you get food. Last night I was not interested in the food and just wanted to socialise! Maybe next week will be better.
Anyway, here is Mummy and I looking up at the camera.
Here I have my most favourite toy, my wabbit!
And here, I have NO idea what the lady thought she was doing - my best side??? Do you notice how trained I got Mummy - she is sitting nicely on my blanket hee hee
Despite this all, I do enjoy going as 'Mummy' get to be taught new thing. She bought me a new toy too. It is made by Aussiedog and called 'Home Alone' which normally hangs from a tree branch or frame; has a stretchy rope, a plastic ball (which has a small hole in it where you put pellets into) attached to the end of this rope and then another tug rope at the bottom, onto which I am supposed to pull to have the food drop out of the hole.
Mummy is very keen to keep me occupied during the day when she goes to earn money for bird seed and puppy food - she does not want me to become bored and lonely. At the moment I am kind of wary of this big yellow ball and it is left on the ground for me to knock around.
I seem to have lost my craze for these fancy pellets Mummy bought me - which normally happens after a class because of the titbits and treats we get fed during training. I suppose once I get the hang of it, this will become another of my favourite toys. Until then, my wabbit will do nicely, thank you!
Going to have to go outside now for a bit of fresh air and let my 'neighbours' know that I am still the boss in this yard!
Thank you for stopping by again!
God bless

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Understanding Humans

Woof, Woof
Am I glad to be of the canine species and not human! You lot are sure complicated to understand and sometimes trying to understand The Dad is totally alien to both Mummy and me. I have heard of humanoids and although I do not know what those things are, could The Dad perhaps be one of those things and have a chip malfunction?
You see, it is like this. Humans always tell you that just because a dog wags his tail, does not mean that he is friendly. Right? With Mummy, when she is sad, she will either cry or be very quiet; and when she is happy, she has too much energy for her own good, is always smiling, laughing and chatting away. With The Dad, there is nothing from which one can 'read' his mood or mind. Now, normally things like this would not be a problem; however, the problem is just that even The Dad himself does not seem to know what is happening. And you humans have a thing called 'communication' too. This is supposed to mean talking, right? Lots of practice needed here.
If you ask me, Paxton, then all I can say is that Humans are a very complicated species - and that's no woofing matter!
Anyway, this is now our second attempt at getting this blog onto the page - in ONE piece. Previously Mum had written it all and what happened when she published it? Only the first two paragraphs came up! I could tell that Mummy was not that happy.
Now, to catch up of my socialising over the weekend! Mum thought she would try taking me to the beach again since I am now a bit older. Was it fun this time around!! There were, oh, so many other doggies on the beach that I could socialise with. Best part - there were HUMANS too and I love socialising with Humans! You get lots of love-rubs and pats. I also met a she-dog that was so Ooh-la-la - if you know what I mean! Yes, I know, I am still a puppy but I am a quick learner and also learnt on Saturday what is the difference between a he- and she-dog! Mmmmm, have to still work that one through later on when I am on my own (don't want to embarrass you all here hee hee).

From Bellerive Beach, Mummy and I went into Hobart and stopped off at her favourite Saturday Cafe spot - La Panini in Elizabeth Street. Lots of Humans take their dogs for walks along this stretch where you can sit and have coffee or something to eat on tables outside on the pavement. This was where Mummy and I met this lovely young lady who works at the RSPCA Animal Shelter and she came over to ask whether she could introduce her dog to me. Naturally Mummy said yes and, Boy!, was I glad - it was another she-dog!! She was a mixture of Pit Bull and Staffie and eight months old. Then this lady said that I reminded her of her Pit Bull (which she saved from being put down after he was maltreated by his Human owner) and invited us up to her house - just up the road - where I could meet Pedro. Woof! He was BIG and looked very much like me with all the white marks on my chest and paws! He turned out to be a very likeable fella too! We then walked back to the cafe and that was where we parted ways - they went to the park and Mummy and I went home. Here is the evidence of just how tiring this socialising business can be!Oh, and this is my 'car' blanket. It always stays in the car and I can only sit on that. I also only sit in the front next to Mummy because otherwise I get too noisy in the back.
Tonight we have Puppy Classes again and Mummy will be taking her camera with and asking some of the ladies there to take some pictures of us training. Then I can share that with you too!
I also thought I would share my favourite time of the day with you. This is normally weekend mornings when I get taken outside for a poop and peep and then get to jump into bed with Mum! That is sooooo nice. I get right down underneath the blankets, push my body next to Mummy and go to sleep. Sometimes I snore so loud that Mummy has to bump me to keep quiet hee hee. I sometimes also have the opportunity to try to wake The Dad. Human beds are just so comfortable AND big.
This is me with The Dad.And this is me on the weekend sharing Mummy's space in the bed with her! Nice, hey?

I so hope that everythings stays on this page up to where we are now so that I can share it with you all! Hopefully by tomorrow we can upload some Puppy Class photos too!
Look after yourselves and God Bless.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saturday was not so good

Woof, Woof
You will never guess where and how I spent my Saturday! In bed with Mummy for most of the day!!

Yip, despite all those plans of Mummy to go into work quickly to finish off some things that needed doing before Monday morning, we got to go nowhere! Mummy awoke with one mean migraine and that put our plans right out the window.
The Dad left for work, as normal on a Saturday, and Mummy took something that looked like treats but are not (I think Humans call it tablets?), fetched me and we both got back into bed - oh, after putting me outside for breakfast and doing my usual toiletry.
I cuddled Mummy and tried to lick away her headache but eventually we both fell asleep although I must say, Mummy moans and moves around a lot when she has a headache! She only got up to let me outside or take more tablets. When The Dad got home, we were still in bed! I then jumped down to go and lie with The Dad in the lounge whilst Mummy went back to sleep.
Eventually Mummy got up and made herself some toast and put a frozen Lasagna in the oven for The Dad. Normally Mummy makes me work a bit for my food but today I just got given my food but I must admit (don't tell Mummy or The Dad, please), I don't think that I quite like the new food The Dad wanted her to get me. I know that she gradually changed me over from the one type to the next but, hey, even Mummy thinks the new food stinks! And it is not your usual off-the-shelf supermarket type food either! Anyway, Mummy tries to camouflage the food with little bits of crushed dried liver but I think she may try to feed it to me as 'wet' food today by putting some hot water on it. Mmmmmmmm - will see how that tastes!
Mummy got up just before 6am this morning and I think her headache is almost gone but we'll see later on. We must go to her work later and perhaps, if her headache is really gone, she may end up taking me to the beach again - unless the rain comes down as was forecast for the weekend. It did end up raining yesterday afternoon late and is very overcast now.
Hopefully I will have time again later today to have a chat with you all to tell you how my day went today. At the moment I am cuddled up in my own bed and am not silly enough to leave the warmth thereof either hee hee.
Enoy your day too.
Take care and God Bless.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Me, Mummy, The Dad and my Jackets

Woof, woof
OK - as promised, here are some pictures of only me, me and Mummy, me and The Dad an then some of me in my jackets. I will start with my favourite one - or rather, Mummy's one:

I look just oh so innocent here - real puppy-faced. Mummy even commented this week about how much I have grown since I came home. I think I must have her print this photo and put it up on the fridge for the day to look at when I was really, really naughty. Who would be able to stay cross with somebody looking so innocent? Would you. No Human would be able to resist kissing and cuddling me! I even have The Dad wrapped around my black-tipped tail - he might as well stop protesting and face facts hee hee - he is hooked on me too.
And this is me in my 'going-out' jacket. It also has a hood on but Mummy never puts it on because then I cannot see. Sometimes when it is very cold, Mummy puts this on me so that I can sleep nice and warm. It is still a little bit big and has one BIG problem.

When I make a No 1, if Mummy does not turn the jacked up on my back, I sometimes wet the bottom inside of the jacket and that means I have to take it off for Mummy to rinse.

This is me and The Dad in our garage. He always seems to love 'wrapping' me up. I enjoy this very much and often go back for more. I do not think I can ever get too much cuddles. This pitbull is a real souk for kisses and cuddles. I'm a real people-pup.

Mummy loves to get down to my level to crawl and play on the floor and I really have fun jumping all over her. We both normally end up laughing very much - I sometimes get so excited that I mouth her and am pretty surprised when I hear a very sharp 'No Biting!' Here is a picture of me and Mummy lying on the floor in the garage - The Dad was sorting out Mummy's 'gym' area and we went to 'help'. This my favourite play time when we roll around on the floor.

And this is my 'hunting' jacket and I call the colour khaki. Unfortunately I do not think I will be able to wear this jacket for that much longer because it seems to be getting a bit short along my back. Mummy puts this on every morning before she leaves for work so that I remain all snug and warm when I wait for her to come back after work. As you can all see, I am just checking up that that she is giving the right amount of food and not skimping like she did when she just got me.
I am now just over 10kgs and becoming heavier! Mummy notices that when she picks me up and cuddles me like a human baby.

Oh, and this is my 'sister', Georgie, a Galah! We are being introduced gradually but I have absolutely no interest in her. She is typical girl - just pink, fluffy and totally spoilt! She even bit my neck and ears when she sat on my back! I tolerated her for a while but when she bit my ear, I just yelped: No more - I am not allowed to bite but you bite me all over! Anyway, she screams real loud too and hisses at me - but she is OK, I suppose. She is also a real Daddy's Girl. Not that I mind because I am a Mummy's Boy anyway. Mummy stood guard the whole time watching us together - I think she was more concerned about me getting bit by her rather than me biting her. I am not that sort of dog!
Well, that is a bit more about me and my family. I now also just sneak off to my bed in the laundry all by myself but find that Mummy still comes to close the entrance - just in case I make an oops in the house during the night. I also do not cry at night anymore. See? I am now a Big Boy.
Mummy has to go to work for a bit tomorrow morning and I think I may get to go with her. If it does not rain (as forecast), I may get to go onto the sand again and see how I take to it this time.
Thank you also to all you lovely people that follow my Blog. Puply appreciated.
Until later, take care and God Bless.

Puppy Classes!

Woof, Woof
The fact that I am getting Mum to do my blog for me is proof that I made it through my first Puppy Class. And, boy, was it an experience!! My puppy-mind got totally boggled with all the things expected from me. I even lost interest in the food - but that was Mummy's fault too. Since Mummy was not too sure of what to take as treats or whether to feed me or not, she decided to give me just a little bit of food about an hour before class. At first we drove around for ten minutes trying to find where the classes were being held because, from the map we were given, they had moved to another shed at the show grounds. Eventually we got there, five minutes late - which caused Mummy to be a bit upset because she hates being late.
Anyway, when we got there, I was just so excited, yet reserved, about all the other doggies there! Then, Mummy was told that her treats were not 'yummy' enough for me - which ended up in pouring hers into another container and them giving her some of theirs (the instructors). Anyway, I was over-excited with all the shenanigans going on there and hardly heard a word of what I was supposed to do. Thank goodness Mummy was listening. At least we could follow what everybody else was doing.
At one stage only me and another black Lab puppy (HUGE puppy) was let off our leads to 'Go Play'. I did go and investigate but, Man, that BL was all over me! The fact that I had my purple coat on made things more exciting for him as he just could not get his nose under my tail and kept up-ending me all the time. In the beginning I was very stressed by this whole black thing over me but I stood my ground and did not run back to Mummy! I can see who is Pack Leader in his house. Certainly not the humans!
There were five other puppies besides me and the BL. One was a cute Jack Russel sheila - real small and petite and once I made myself known to her - I was all over her! She most certainly knew how to socialise because everytime I got to her, she just rolled over onto her back to let me meet her. There was a very small ball of fluff there too which just seemed to roll along the floor. Could not make out heads or tails and eventually gave up on trying to socialise with the fluff.
Because of all the training and treats, I quickly got full and eventually did not want to take anymore food or do anything; however, at that stage, it was almost time to go home too. Now Mummy knows NOT to feed me. Good, Mummy hee hee. We also received a clicker - THAT is something new to me but I am learning.
Have much more to tell you: my 'Down' training, my jackets, more pictures, a close encounter with my 'sister', Georgie, the Galah!
This is just a short telepathic message to Mum at work from me relaxing at home.
Until then, take care and God Bless.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My First Real Bone!!!

Woof, Woof!!
I have so much to tell you all and do not know where to start! Maybe at the beginning will be good, yes?
OK. I've got Mummy trained so well now with our walks. I took her for a nice long walk on Sunday morning - mmmmmm, probably about 2.5kms. We only turned back because it looked like the sky was turning darker and darker and did not want to get caught in a downpour (which never came - just light rain). Anyway, I ended up jogging a bit every now and then. Mummy thinks I look too cute with my ears flapping!
Mummy did some more pruning this past weekend too and now the apple tree looks clean. I was outside my normal fence (still in our yard) but was not listening and ran next door where Mummy had to fetch me from. I could tell she was NOT happy or impressed with me. I did say sorry!
Also, I got taught something new over the weekend too! Mummy showed me my favourite liver treats and had it in her left pocket (she let me smell it) and also in her hand. She then patted her left leg and said 'Side'. I had NO idea what she meant but she gave me a treat because I saw it. This she did for about ten minutes and, Boy, did I love those treats. I even impressed The Dad! Now Mummy can just pat her left leg and say 'Side' and I will come to her left side - even without a treat. I do get a lot of praise though and I love that too!
On Sunday I went with Mummy and The Dad in his ute to one of his jobs as he had to go and look at a broken-down truck. At first it was fun riding in the ute but after a while I did not enjoy it anymore. I just lay down and I think Mummy saw that I was starting to turn 'green'. The Dad had to drive the big truck back to his workshop and Mummy ended up driving the work's ute. Now that I was not being held by Mummy, I really could feel the movement of the ute and that just did it for me! Mummy saved the day by pushing The Dad's jacket underneath me onto which I ooopsed big time! And she did not even moan at me! I felt so sad afterwards but also much better. Anyway, when we got to The Dad's work, Mummy gave me some water and took me for a nice walk on the grass. I just loved breathin in the fresh air and having terra-firma under my feet again. I think I prefer being in Mummy's car. Smoother ride, Yeah!
Mummy and I went for a very, very long walk tonight - well, it felt like it, at least! We then had The Dad pick us up on his way home and he measured our walk. Just over 3kms we did. Luckily for Mummy most of it was down hill and we jogged a bit too. We are slowly getting fitter and doing longer distances. My puppy legs are growing stronger every day! Way to go, Paxton!
Now this is my favourite of favourite stories to tell you all. Woof!
Tonight The Dad brought me a present from somebody at his work. My first real bone! At first I had NO idea what this thing was and stood back a bit but it smelled sooooooo good. I went closer and took a couple of licks. That is when the natural 'dog' inside came to the front - I got stuck into that bone! Let me tell you all. It sure was lip-licking good. Luckily Mummy took it away after a while so that I could continue having nice chewy pieces for tomorrow too. She is going to add some new photos for you all to see.
And on Wednesday after Mummy comes back from work, her and I are going to my very first Puppy Classes. I am really excited about this because then I can socialise! That is the bestest of it all. Mummy will be trained and I will have fun - hee hee - don't tell her now, you hear! I will let you know how that went. I do know that I will be getting lots and lots of treats and am looking forward to that too! I know that Mummy is desperate to potty train me - I keep on making lots of ooops' and she is starting to let me know that I am not impressing her at all. I suppose I will have to come to grips with that too.
I better let Mummy go so that she can finish her and The Dad's supper. I've had mine already and am relaxing underneath her chair at the moment.
Thank you to everybody for leaving comments for me to read. I so enjoy hearing from you all!
Take good care of yourselves and God bless you all.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th July Wishes

Woof, woof

To all my American visitors - Happy 4th July Independence Day!

Hope you have a wonderful day and that the fireworks do not traumatise you too much!

Take care

Oh wooooooee is me

Woof woof! And a very special Woof to Max my mate!
I have not been updating my blog for a long, long time and am so sorry to let all my friends down. Some of the recent events in my little life has been a bit harsh and upsetting but I feel things are almost back on track again - or at least, I hope so! And then, to make matters worse, my dear Mummy forgot my password and could not enter my blog! THAT was a crisis on its own, believe me!
Anyway, now, where do I start? Let's see ....... mmmmmm ...... oh, yes; I start my Puppy Classes this coming Wednesday and I do not know who is more excited - Mummy or me LOL. She has bought me so many treats for the training and is reading through the paperwork sent to her. I think I am going to be one of the best behaved dogs out there! Mummy has HUGE expectations for us both - she always did dream big!
Mummy has been mulling over writing a book about me for kiddies - what I do, how I learn things, what lessons kiddies can learn from it, and some other things too. I just let her get on with her dreaming. Who knows, I may end up with a well-known author for a Mummy LOL (I wish).
Oh, and I am now also up-to-date with all my shots. We went to the Vet past Thursday and I met one of the Vets - he is such a nice elderly man. Gave me a treat too -yummmmmm! I had my outside coat on (the one I wear when Mummy goes to work is a thick canvas type one with warm fleecy material against my skin) and the humans there thought I was the cutest thing on four legs. Mummy bought me a soft plastic ball-type toy where you have a treat on both sides of the ball. I just loooooooove this new toy and lick and try to chew at it all the time. Woof, before I forget, the Vet was just so impressed when Mummy had me sit and give him Five when he gave me a treat. He said that I was sooo clever for a three-month pup. Whose your Daddy????? (can I say that?)
Mummy has also taught me a new thing - she was given this tip by Mr Dean (he is the principal at the school where she works) - and that is to come to her side when she calls me. It works too! I really cannot resist the treats I get as a reward when I listen to her - and I do, every time. At first Mummy made sure that I smelt the treats in her left pocket and gave me one so that I KNEW it was a treat. Then she kept saying 'Side' and would bring me around to her left side by my collar. Hey, I am not a stupid dog and caught onto this process pretty quickly, I must add. Now, Mummy can just pat her left side of her leg, and I will come to her side. Hee hee, she thinks I am listening but I will not let on that I just want the treat. Poor Mummy!
Mummy also came across a new halter she will be getting me soon. It is called the Infin8 halter and is especially good for walking and training as it gives Mummy powerful control (I will have to work on that bit!). I suppose, with Mummy being a Cesar Millan fan, she is working very hard at letting me know who is the Pack Leader around the house. Not fair! I wanted to lead - I am the male! Grrrrrr.
We have had such cold, rainy and windy weather here lately and most weekends everything outside is damp and wet. I even have my own little 'stream' on the one side of my play area. The water is just not draining and I do not like walking there. Hey, it is wet??
Mummy pruned the apple tree yesterday and climbed up into it to get the top branches. Luckily she did not use her ladder like she did with the nectarine tree - and fell! Mummy's ladder got buckled and bent (The Dad fixed that later) and she pulled the muscles in her left shoulder because she grabbed onto a branch with that arm. I actually thought she was playing!! I started tugging at her feet and got yelled at! I did not know what was happening and ended up being very confused but Mummy soon reassured me that she was not angry - all this through her tears and I felt so sorry for her; I tried to lick away her tears. She felt better soon, so my licking obviously worked. Good Boy, Paxton!!
I know that Mummy has been promising to add more photos of me and that will come soon. I am working hard at getting Mummy's life into some sort of order - she is all over the place at the moment; very scatter-brained and very unusual of her. Lots of work ahead for me. A real dog's life I am having! Woof, only joking.
Mummy also got me my own health insurance - with the same private medical aid as what she is on! AND mine is called 'Gold Paw'. Got Mummy eating out of my paw!
Well, now that we are back online again, I am sure I can convince Mummy to get down to writing more regularly for me again. You all take care now and behave like I do (hee hee).
Until next time
God bless

Friday, June 12, 2009

I DID IT!!!!

Woof woof

Have you got an imagination? Remember that human movie called 'Rocky'? Remember the tune that always played? Now keep that tune in mind and imagine Mummy and I this morning out running.... got it? OK, now - first we ran (makes Mummy feel good if I call it running hee hee) up to the end of our cul-de-sac. We then turned around and this time we sprinted (still running) to the bottom of the road (aaah, about ten houses on one side of the road), then did a U-turn, and ran back up to our house. I was SO proud of myself. Am I not a good boy for Mummy? She did not do too bad herself - even if I must say so.

At least today is going to be a warmer day so I will also be a bit warmer. My new outfit is actually too small for me (I have a big hairy chest and back) so, hopefully, I can get a bigger one this weekend. I know Mummy mentioned that they also sell these type of outfits at the crafts available at the Saturday Salamanca market and I think she is going to have a look there. I will keep you posted on this.

I had to send this blog through to Mummy telepathically so that she could update my blog. Will get back to you all later again.

You all have a good day now, you hear?



Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not forgotten

Woof woof

What a relief I had last night! Here I was sitting the WHOLE day thinking that I was now an abandoned puppy and an orphan. There was absolutely no one at home, nor was there anybody to play with. But then, just as my hopes were fading and I watched darkness creep in, there, suddenly, the back door opened and in the doorway stood My Mummy!! I was the happiest puppy on this planet! I had been waiting inside my kennel with my legs folded and could hardly contain my excitement when she stepped outside. Talking about kennels, here is a peak at what Mummy and The Dad built for me.

I know, it may not look like anything from this angle but wait until you get inside it. Nice and snuggly. I have to admit that I find the sides of the entrance very nice to chew on and Mummy keeps reprimanding me with "No biting". I suppose sooner or later I will have to listen to the old girl or else I will end up with a very tattered old hut.

And every morning I now have my bed, two blankets and 'wabbit' put inside my house for the day. Mummy still wants to fix some of my toys so that they hang and I can jump and play with them. I think she is going to do it this weekend - or at least, I hope so!

Oh, I believe when Mummy drove to work and looked at Mt Wellington (that is OUR mountain in Hobart), it was covered with a soft blanket of snow. Now I know that Mummy is crazy about snow on the mountain but I am not too sure on this ...... I fear that Mummy might have ideas to 'introduce' me to the snow. Anybody looking for an attractive, cute, cuddly and stunner of a pup - quickly, before this happens??

Today was not much different to yesterday and, I suspect, it may never change. I will have to have LOTS of nice goodies to play with to keep me busy so that I do not become bored. Today Mummy saw a book on training puppies (I am one) and I know she will buy it - boy, is she going to need it hee hee.

Why are humans so complicated? Sometimes, when Mummy looks sad and lonely, I lick her face and then she smiles again and starts playing with me. I think I must be good medicine for her! I hope she knows that she can become addictive to me - but that is my main aim!

It was raining a bit this morning so we did not go for our drag-run. I also ended up getting to my food bowl before she told me to "Sit" - by then it was too late for her to do anything as she was busy elsewhere in the kitchen. I suppose I was just lucky - I KNOW this will not happen again. Pity.

When Mummy came home this evening we played out on the front driveway and grass area. Our trailer is currently parked on the grass and I chased Mummy around and around the trailer. You should have seen her - too funny holding onto the trailer because the grass was very slippery! She then got a stick and threw it for me. Obviously I ran for the stick but she needs to show and teach me what "Fetch" and "Bring" and "Leave" means. That is where she is going to need her little pocket book! I am so looking forward to being trained. I want to be the best trained dog I can be so that Mummy can be proud of both me and her! Next month I start Puppy Training and I think she wants a bit of a 'heads-up' so that I know something when we go there.

Just so that you see another side of me (like the side profile one?), here are some more photos of me. Handsome, hey??? See my two blankies as well? I will have to have Mummy take a photo of my 'wabbit' for you too.

I am in my bed under Mummy's desk in front of a nice warm heater - I know, I get spoilt - very spoilt - and dictating to her but I am starting to fall asleep and will have to sign off soon. I don't know why, but when I have had my play and food, my eyes always seem to shut on its own. I cannot understand that. Is this a 'puppy' thing?

Oh, I visit my friend Max's blog and, woof, sure one handsome hound that one! Nah, don't worry, I told him it was only a compliment and not to get any ideas. His Mummy is introducing all sort of South African 'dogs' and, woof, are some of these 'dogs' huge! I really enjoyed meeting the rest of Max's family too. All good looking too.

Yaaaawwwn -oops sorry, that is so rude of me! I am starting to snore and I think Mummy needs to get to the kitchen to do something for her and The Dad to eat.

Please let me know when you visit by leaving a short message. I love hearing from you.

God bless

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Home Alone 1

Woof woof

I knew it, I knew it! Mummy never gets up this early for walkies unless she is going to work! She was all cheery (well, sounded like that to me at least) and over-friendly with me this morning. I should have guessed something was up then.

I did not want no part in what she had planned for the morning because I could sense (we dogs have good senses, you know!) something was about to happen that would make my cute black-tipped tail droop. Mummy put on the light leash (as if that would make me walk) and we left the house. To my surprise I found out that it was still dark outside! I thought, here we go again, and I got half-dragged to the end of the block (I was not going to come willingly) which is only three houses far (but that is not the point). When we got there and turned around, Mummy unleashed me and then started pushing me by my butt up the road (slight uphill). Eventually I thought I would give the old girl some slack, and started running on my own. "Good Boy" she kept repeating and I liked hearing that so I ran a bit faster - which then made Mummy also run a bit faster (told you, I gotta keep the old girl moving).

She was puffing a bit when we got to the front door but I was just fine. I knew that now I would get my breakfast too (must earn or work for my food she says). Anyway, it was: "Sit, Paxton. Give me five" and then I got given my bowl of pellets (I just love these!).

Mummy quickly ran inside to get my bed and put it inside my kennel which she had moved to a different spot last night. An then she was gone .................

Now I am Home Alone and the weather man said it was going to be 9 degrees today!

Oh Woooooooooooooeee I am too upset to carry on right now. Please excuse me. Will fill you in later when I feel a bit better.

Woof, woof

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And then there was just sand ......

Woof, woof

You guessed right! Mummy did go out to buy me some outfits and came back with two - one knitted and one kind of waterproof material on the outside with soft fluffy stuff on the inside; the other one is knitted and reminds me of a Zebra (whatever that is), only the colours are brown and tan. Mainly brown with thinnish tan lines. Fits very snuggish - you should see me! But, alas, the first one is too small (hee hee, she under-estimated my size) and she needs to go and change it for a larger size.

First we went over to Salamanca where I socialised with some humans. I tell you, Human, I was the Star attraction on the block! Some humans seem to think I have Shar-Pei in my ancestry because of all my extra skin and folds I have. What can I say? I wasn't there when it happened - I was just the result of the happening! The only problem I had in Salamanca was with Mummy - she wanted to go 'walkies' and I did not - so she kind of dragged me along on the leash. Silly girl. I could see the nice green grass across the road where all the fallen autumn leaves were blowing around and once the light-bulb went on in her, she took me across the road. I had such fun chasing and going after the fallen leaves. We did not stay there for long because Mummy wanted to take me across to the beach (What is that? A new way of spelling female dog??) at Bellerive - so she won, and we went. I mean, let's be realistic here - who has the car keys, hey?

Anyway, we got to Bellerive and I was speechless at the noise the water made - and it just kept on coming back at me - again and again. I was not that impressed with the ongoing noise. Then it happened! Mummy put me down on the SAND. Naturally, being a dog you know, I bent to smell this stuff under my feet and got quite a surprise when it went up my nose and got me sneezing! What made things exciting for me was the fact that when I exhaled, the sand blew away - wooofffeeee! This was fun but I got bored after a while because nothing else happened. Mummy tried all kinds of things from begging, to 'good boy', to walking, to 'come' but I literally dug my heels in - and got dragged again! I do not know whether Mummy kept an eye on the moving water - but I sure did. You can never tell with humans what next they might do!

At last we got to some stairs and I think by then Mummy got the message - Paxton does not like to walk on sand (well, today at least). Luckily for me there was some grass (great stuff this green stuff) and I could let go of the water-works. Must say, this outfit she got me fits nicely - I do not have to worry about getting it messed up with poop or peep. After that I did not mind a little jog back to the car - just so that the old girl feels a bit better!

Slept all the way back home and am now lying inside the house in front of a lovely heater, dictating to Mummy. I know, I know, what an author does not have to go through to get some decent help today - but she will do!

I am not looking forward to tomorrow because that is when I will end up on my own for the whole day because Mummy goes back to work. I am really going to miss her! It is so long before she comes home again but I think she may take me for a bit of a run before she leaves and that will drain some of my energy and I may be able to sleep for most of the morning. Will have to find something to keep me busy with in the afternoon.

OK - I think that is all I am able to recall of my day so far and will catch you next time 'round.

Until then
Woof Woof


Woof, woof!

My name is Paxton and I am 2 months and 4 days old today. Oh, also, I am a Staffordshire Terrier cross and a real souk for cuddles and kisses from my Mummy. She got me on 31 May 09. I am a real handsome guy with flecks of white on my hairy chest, as on all four my paws. My tail has a touch of black on the very end. I have very unusual hazel-greenish coloured eyes and that made my Mummy fall in love with me. (Not too sure about this love-at-first-sight thingy)

Since this date, her and 'The Dad' have built me a lovely kennel with floor to ceiling carpets and also a padded floor. My soft, warm and snuggly bed fits nicely into the back where I have my own two blankets. And I normally sleep with my own 'wabbit' - which I chew on from time-to-time. The only problem is - I hate being on my own! Do you think she would mind hanging some family photos up on the walls?

I went for my first shots and de-worming on the 4th and was told that I was a very brave boy as I also had my very own microchip injected. Don't know what all the fuss was about! Heck, it is only a needle as thick as my tail that they insert into the back of my neck - nah, only joking (woof-woof). Actually, it was nothing - but I got some treats for being so good anyway (way to go, Paxton-Boy). I believe I have to go back in a month's time for repeat treatment (minus the microchipping, of course).

Yesterday, 8 June 09, Mummy took me for a long walk down on the track and Boy-oh-Boy, did I learn to socialise! I got smellt up by everything with a tail at it's rear but quickly learnt that that was the 'in' thing to do with us dogs. The humans were pretty friendly too and just wanted to touch me.

Mummy did a slow jog (got to keep the old girl moving, you see) and I just trotted along beside her. We went very, very far (well, for me at my age anyway) and I got carried back part of the way. I learnt that when I just sit down and refuse to move, Mummy will pick me up and carry me a bit (hee hee, and she thinks she is training me hee hee). We had to run back the last short bit because it started raining. Made it into the car just in time before the heavens opened up. Not too sure about this getting wet business but Mummy says that she really loves this weather (will have to work a bit harder on her in that department - I am not a water-dog!).

Anyway, so far I have been allowed to sleep inside (enclosed in the laundry) but I know that they have other plans for me. However, I think Mummy might be going out to buy me a warm jacket today because with my short hair, I get cold very quickly and end up shivering terribly (which makes Mummy feel even more compassionate towards me). Hope she does not end up making me look like some space invader!

Well, I think I better call her now because it is food time.

Will let you know later how my day went.