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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Woof, woof!

My name is Paxton and I am 2 months and 4 days old today. Oh, also, I am a Staffordshire Terrier cross and a real souk for cuddles and kisses from my Mummy. She got me on 31 May 09. I am a real handsome guy with flecks of white on my hairy chest, as on all four my paws. My tail has a touch of black on the very end. I have very unusual hazel-greenish coloured eyes and that made my Mummy fall in love with me. (Not too sure about this love-at-first-sight thingy)

Since this date, her and 'The Dad' have built me a lovely kennel with floor to ceiling carpets and also a padded floor. My soft, warm and snuggly bed fits nicely into the back where I have my own two blankets. And I normally sleep with my own 'wabbit' - which I chew on from time-to-time. The only problem is - I hate being on my own! Do you think she would mind hanging some family photos up on the walls?

I went for my first shots and de-worming on the 4th and was told that I was a very brave boy as I also had my very own microchip injected. Don't know what all the fuss was about! Heck, it is only a needle as thick as my tail that they insert into the back of my neck - nah, only joking (woof-woof). Actually, it was nothing - but I got some treats for being so good anyway (way to go, Paxton-Boy). I believe I have to go back in a month's time for repeat treatment (minus the microchipping, of course).

Yesterday, 8 June 09, Mummy took me for a long walk down on the track and Boy-oh-Boy, did I learn to socialise! I got smellt up by everything with a tail at it's rear but quickly learnt that that was the 'in' thing to do with us dogs. The humans were pretty friendly too and just wanted to touch me.

Mummy did a slow jog (got to keep the old girl moving, you see) and I just trotted along beside her. We went very, very far (well, for me at my age anyway) and I got carried back part of the way. I learnt that when I just sit down and refuse to move, Mummy will pick me up and carry me a bit (hee hee, and she thinks she is training me hee hee). We had to run back the last short bit because it started raining. Made it into the car just in time before the heavens opened up. Not too sure about this getting wet business but Mummy says that she really loves this weather (will have to work a bit harder on her in that department - I am not a water-dog!).

Anyway, so far I have been allowed to sleep inside (enclosed in the laundry) but I know that they have other plans for me. However, I think Mummy might be going out to buy me a warm jacket today because with my short hair, I get cold very quickly and end up shivering terribly (which makes Mummy feel even more compassionate towards me). Hope she does not end up making me look like some space invader!

Well, I think I better call her now because it is food time.

Will let you know later how my day went.



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