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Sunday, February 21, 2010

In Remembrance of Daddy

Woof, woof

I know I have not managed to get Mummy to update my blog for quite some time but I must admit, she has been working hard at her day time job, keeping house, looking and caring for me and my sister, Georgie (the Galah), The Dad, and then trying to get on with her quilting as well - and still keeping a smile on her face with the hot weather!

Mummy and I just read that Daddy, the right-hand 'man' of Cesar Millan (Dog Whisperer), passed away peacefully on Friday.  Daddy was sixteen years old and was fighting cancer and chemo treatment at the time.  He must be one of the most well-known Pit Bulls ever and has made a huge impression of many people all over the world - especially those humans that thought that all Pit Bulls (like Daddy and me) were dangerous breeds.  Well, Daddy showed them a thing or two with all his TV programs!

Today, Mummy, The Dad and I joined loads of other humans and puppy dogs at the Hobart Royal Botanical Gardens.  I was just oh, so excited!  I did not know where to look or go to greet first!  There were little puppies, medium ones, large ones and then, my goodness he is huge, puppies!  I so wanted to play with everyone but I was too hyped up and Mummy would not let me move!!  Little ones just got flattened under my paw and Mummy was concerned that the humans may think I wanted to eat their puppy!  There were some great humans too that really admired my built, colour and how healthy I looked.  The most common question Mummy got asked (after telling them that I was only ten months old and weighed 33kgs) was: How much bigger will he get?  Mummy told them that she has stopped feeding me to see if it will slow down my growth WOL. 

We then went over to Cornelia Bay and I got to romp in the water and play with other puppies for a while.  Most of those puppies I had met at the Botanical Gardens!  We had hardly put our feet into the house when Mummy called me and I just knew it - bath time!

Now look, not that I mind having a bath - no, really, it is not that bad.  I get a good massage, especially when Mummy puts the conditioner on, and the tap shower head has little brissles on it and really gives me a good scrub too.  Afterwards I get a very nice rubdown and brushdown too - which I sooooo love!  Once the bathing is done and I am all dry, clean, soft and nice smelling, I am such a proud Woof!

Oh, Mummy and I did a spot of gardening this morning before we went to the Botanical Gardens.  I really love it when I get to help weed the garden - pity there are so many flowers that grow close to the weeds!

I believe (heard it from Mummy) that this coming week looks like it will be another hot one.  I don't mind it that much and Mummy now makes sure that the grass around the peach tree is kept moist so that I have a cool place to lie down during the day when she is not here!

I am happy to see that my friend, MaxDog, is still going strong.  He is often thought of!

I hope you all have a great week!

Stay healthy and God Bless


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Today is fun

Woof, woof

Sometimes I like weekends, and sometimes not.  This weekend started of OK-ish.  On Friday afternoon after work, Mummy and I went for a very nice long walk.  I must admit, I am really struggling with trying to remain at Mummy's side and not pull ahead of her.  Caesar Milan does not know what big doggy headaches he causes me when we go walking on the leash!  I need to speak with this human!  And Mummy thinks the world of him!  I think I have lost this competition against him - he is too calm and in control of everything and now Mummy is putting his advice into practice!  Still, we both enjoyed the walk.  Alas, when The Dad got home, he was ready to go out and although Mummy did not feel much like that, she went along because she also needs to do things that The Dad wants to do.  (Wonder when The Dad is going to take up quilting or sewing tee-hee-hee)

Talking about headaches, Mummy, unfortunately, woke up with a bad headache on Saturday morning and after taking some human medicine, spent most of the day with the curtains drawn shut.  Not that I mind that - I got to jump up on Mummy's lap and we both slept for a long, long time.  By the time Mummy  and I woke up (OK, Mummy woke me up), her headache was manageable but she had to go into town for The Dad.  I could not go with and was not too happy about being left outside alone.

We did not go to Seven Mile Beach this weekend because this morning Mummy got up fairly early and dressed quickly.  I could hear movement in the house and was waiting patiently - OK, a bit impatiently - for the back door to open.  I was so surprised to see Mummy all dressed and ready for Walkies!  (Mummy is picking up on somebody called Barbara Woodhouse and always calls me for 'Walkies').  I now know that it means I get a leash, and off we go.

Well, we did a long walk, ended up at Rosetta High School and I got to run around on the doggy walking area next to the school.  I was so surprised to see that Mummy had brought my ball along too!  I played fetch for a while, then we walked a bit more, played more fetch, and then started for home because soft mist-rain was starting to fall.

Two hours after leaving home, we got back and just in time.  The rain come down a bit harder but only for a short while.  Mummy also brushed my teeth, clipped my one 'thumb' nail and filed it down and then put some human medicine in between my toes.  I have been licking my toes a bit (Mummy cannot see why) and it is reddish, so now I have medicine.  If it does not look like it is getting better, I will be visitng my 'doctor'.  Mummy also cleaned my ears and was THAT nice!  I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment!

Mummy then carried on with her quilting.  She is now finished with what she needed doing and will be moving onto a new area in her quilt.

And me?  I am rolled up on my blankie next to Mummy in the study, snoring.  The Dad is also busy on his computer. 

I hope Mummy continues to take me on these exploratory walks around our neighbourhood since we cannot walk in the hills anymore (too scared of snakes!).  I do enjoy it very much!

Hope you also have a wonderful week ahead.

Until we meet again, God Bless


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

See how I've grown

Woof, woof

What another hot day for us in Hobart!  Felt very tropical today and I know that Mummy is not a great lover of this type of weather.   Wonder what she got up to at work?  I had a huge bone to keep me company today and really made small work of it in no time!  I have now moved my daily resting spot to under the nectarine tree.  It used to have a lot of green grass but now with me lying there the whole time, the grass has kind of got less and less although I know that The Dad is really trying to keep it green for me!  Best spot in the yard too as I can see when Mummy comes home.

Oh, and I have a new collar!  My other one that I had since baby-puppy is now too small although Mum is keeping that one (don't ask me what for!)

Just so that you can see how much I have grown, since Mummy got me - here is a comparison!
          Here I was almost 3 months old ....                     and here I am just over 10 months!
What you want now?

Until next time, God Bless


Monday, February 8, 2010

Exercise Time!

Woof, woof

Mummy and I went to Seven Mile Beach today and we were extremely lucky to have a low tide.  This meant that there was a lot of beach to run and ride on.  Oh, yes, Mummy took her bike with and we did just over four kilometres today.  I had a lovely long run next to Mummy riding her bike but we went pretty slow because Mummy thought that I looked a bit tired.  We also played with a tennis ball that we found a while ago - unfortunately, the tennis ball came off second best today.  It now deflates when I hold onto it - I think I must have punctured it!

I am normally very happy when we are out on the beach and I can run freely.  Lately, Mummy also gets me to jump back into the car quite easily - previously I used to not want to get back in, but now I don't mind.  Was a very nice day for a run on the beach - did notice a couple of human males (elderly) doing a spot of 'birthday suit' tanning but it was not in a flaunting manner and Mummy just cycled fast past them .... and I had to try and keep up woof, woof!

The Dad called Mummy on the mobile just as we were heading back towards the car .... he was at home already ..... and Mummy realised that we had been out and about on the beach for just on an hour - which was great for us both.  Good exercise!

Hopefully we can get some more in because it is a long weekend in Hobart this weekend. Paws crossed.

By the way, my friend, MaxDog, sounds as if there may be some improvement and Mummy and I are very happy and hope that the overall result will be in MaxDog's favour!  He sure is one mighty nice Woof!

Take care, keep well and God Bless.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Praying for good news

Woof, woof

Just been over to visit my friend MaxDog and although his Mummy cannot only give good news, at least not all the news are bad!  Mummy and I cross paws and fingers and pray that he heals totally!  He is a woof I look up to - even if he is very far from me and I have never met him.

Another hot day here today but I am now running outside with The Dad and watering the garden while Mummy is indoor in the coolness of the air conditioner.  She does not like hot and sticky weather.

I really wish Mummy and I could go walking up the hill again so that I can go crazy dog!  It is very boring not being able to run off the leash and do what I want to do ..... ggrrrrrrrrrrrr

MaxDog, sending you lots of tail-wags.  Please get better soon!

God Bless.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Heavy and Sad Heart

Woof, woof

My heart is very sore at the moment.  Mummy and I follow the blog of a friend of mine, MaxDog, who is a super, gentle and very popular Woof.  We recently read that he is gravely ill and his prognosis does not look good.  Mummy has been crying with sadness and although I do not know why, it does make me sad too because I think that I am to blame - Mummy then cuddles and kisses me to show me that I am blame-free.  We have been praying hard for MaxDog and do hope that there is something that the doctors can do for him.

It has been extremely hot here the past couple of days.  On Sunday morning Mummy and I took a drive down to Seven Mile Beach and, as before, Mummy took her bike with.  When we got onto the beach it was to find that it was high tide - very high tide - and she could not ride her bike, nor could I run.  We could not stay long either because my tummy got upset after I drank some sea water (Mummy keeps telling me not to!).  She then took me for a bit of a run down the one dirt road and back to the car but by then it was getting warner (ended up 33 degrees), so we went home to the coolness of the airconditioner.

The Dad had to move the inner gate at the back because I got a taste of the drain pipe's bracket and chewed it off.  Now I cannot get to the back door at all!  I cannot understand what is happening!   Mummy has moved some of my toys to my new lying area which is next to the house under the huge nectarine tree.  It has lots of shade and grass (OK, there used to be a lot of grass).

Since Mummy took up quilting, the attention I received has dropped dramatically and I now have to beg for love!  OK, I lie, not beg - but if I want extra attention, I now go and rest my head on Mummy's lap and start into her eyes.  She cannot ignore me for long.  At least Mummy will stop what she is doing, get onto the carpet with me and give me a lovely massage, cuddle and love-hug.  This keeps me going for a little while.

I hope that when we get down to the beach this weekend that the tides are with and not against us!  Since Mummy heard about snakes being plentiful, we have stopped walking on the hill behind our house as there is a lot of grass, shrubs and bush.  Mummy is concerned that I may get bitten by a snake when I run crazy dog through the grass!  I miss those walks and even Mummy says that she misses it too!

Mummy is going off to bed now which means that I will head off to my kennel.

Until next time, take care and God Bless.  MaxDog, you and your Mummy are in our prayers.