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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Today is fun

Woof, woof

Sometimes I like weekends, and sometimes not.  This weekend started of OK-ish.  On Friday afternoon after work, Mummy and I went for a very nice long walk.  I must admit, I am really struggling with trying to remain at Mummy's side and not pull ahead of her.  Caesar Milan does not know what big doggy headaches he causes me when we go walking on the leash!  I need to speak with this human!  And Mummy thinks the world of him!  I think I have lost this competition against him - he is too calm and in control of everything and now Mummy is putting his advice into practice!  Still, we both enjoyed the walk.  Alas, when The Dad got home, he was ready to go out and although Mummy did not feel much like that, she went along because she also needs to do things that The Dad wants to do.  (Wonder when The Dad is going to take up quilting or sewing tee-hee-hee)

Talking about headaches, Mummy, unfortunately, woke up with a bad headache on Saturday morning and after taking some human medicine, spent most of the day with the curtains drawn shut.  Not that I mind that - I got to jump up on Mummy's lap and we both slept for a long, long time.  By the time Mummy  and I woke up (OK, Mummy woke me up), her headache was manageable but she had to go into town for The Dad.  I could not go with and was not too happy about being left outside alone.

We did not go to Seven Mile Beach this weekend because this morning Mummy got up fairly early and dressed quickly.  I could hear movement in the house and was waiting patiently - OK, a bit impatiently - for the back door to open.  I was so surprised to see Mummy all dressed and ready for Walkies!  (Mummy is picking up on somebody called Barbara Woodhouse and always calls me for 'Walkies').  I now know that it means I get a leash, and off we go.

Well, we did a long walk, ended up at Rosetta High School and I got to run around on the doggy walking area next to the school.  I was so surprised to see that Mummy had brought my ball along too!  I played fetch for a while, then we walked a bit more, played more fetch, and then started for home because soft mist-rain was starting to fall.

Two hours after leaving home, we got back and just in time.  The rain come down a bit harder but only for a short while.  Mummy also brushed my teeth, clipped my one 'thumb' nail and filed it down and then put some human medicine in between my toes.  I have been licking my toes a bit (Mummy cannot see why) and it is reddish, so now I have medicine.  If it does not look like it is getting better, I will be visitng my 'doctor'.  Mummy also cleaned my ears and was THAT nice!  I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment!

Mummy then carried on with her quilting.  She is now finished with what she needed doing and will be moving onto a new area in her quilt.

And me?  I am rolled up on my blankie next to Mummy in the study, snoring.  The Dad is also busy on his computer. 

I hope Mummy continues to take me on these exploratory walks around our neighbourhood since we cannot walk in the hills anymore (too scared of snakes!).  I do enjoy it very much!

Hope you also have a wonderful week ahead.

Until we meet again, God Bless


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