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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Praying for good news

Woof, woof

Just been over to visit my friend MaxDog and although his Mummy cannot only give good news, at least not all the news are bad!  Mummy and I cross paws and fingers and pray that he heals totally!  He is a woof I look up to - even if he is very far from me and I have never met him.

Another hot day here today but I am now running outside with The Dad and watering the garden while Mummy is indoor in the coolness of the air conditioner.  She does not like hot and sticky weather.

I really wish Mummy and I could go walking up the hill again so that I can go crazy dog!  It is very boring not being able to run off the leash and do what I want to do ..... ggrrrrrrrrrrrr

MaxDog, sending you lots of tail-wags.  Please get better soon!

God Bless.


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