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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Heavy and Sad Heart

Woof, woof

My heart is very sore at the moment.  Mummy and I follow the blog of a friend of mine, MaxDog, who is a super, gentle and very popular Woof.  We recently read that he is gravely ill and his prognosis does not look good.  Mummy has been crying with sadness and although I do not know why, it does make me sad too because I think that I am to blame - Mummy then cuddles and kisses me to show me that I am blame-free.  We have been praying hard for MaxDog and do hope that there is something that the doctors can do for him.

It has been extremely hot here the past couple of days.  On Sunday morning Mummy and I took a drive down to Seven Mile Beach and, as before, Mummy took her bike with.  When we got onto the beach it was to find that it was high tide - very high tide - and she could not ride her bike, nor could I run.  We could not stay long either because my tummy got upset after I drank some sea water (Mummy keeps telling me not to!).  She then took me for a bit of a run down the one dirt road and back to the car but by then it was getting warner (ended up 33 degrees), so we went home to the coolness of the airconditioner.

The Dad had to move the inner gate at the back because I got a taste of the drain pipe's bracket and chewed it off.  Now I cannot get to the back door at all!  I cannot understand what is happening!   Mummy has moved some of my toys to my new lying area which is next to the house under the huge nectarine tree.  It has lots of shade and grass (OK, there used to be a lot of grass).

Since Mummy took up quilting, the attention I received has dropped dramatically and I now have to beg for love!  OK, I lie, not beg - but if I want extra attention, I now go and rest my head on Mummy's lap and start into her eyes.  She cannot ignore me for long.  At least Mummy will stop what she is doing, get onto the carpet with me and give me a lovely massage, cuddle and love-hug.  This keeps me going for a little while.

I hope that when we get down to the beach this weekend that the tides are with and not against us!  Since Mummy heard about snakes being plentiful, we have stopped walking on the hill behind our house as there is a lot of grass, shrubs and bush.  Mummy is concerned that I may get bitten by a snake when I run crazy dog through the grass!  I miss those walks and even Mummy says that she misses it too!

Mummy is going off to bed now which means that I will head off to my kennel.

Until next time, take care and God Bless.  MaxDog, you and your Mummy are in our prayers.


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