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Sunday, February 21, 2010

In Remembrance of Daddy

Woof, woof

I know I have not managed to get Mummy to update my blog for quite some time but I must admit, she has been working hard at her day time job, keeping house, looking and caring for me and my sister, Georgie (the Galah), The Dad, and then trying to get on with her quilting as well - and still keeping a smile on her face with the hot weather!

Mummy and I just read that Daddy, the right-hand 'man' of Cesar Millan (Dog Whisperer), passed away peacefully on Friday.  Daddy was sixteen years old and was fighting cancer and chemo treatment at the time.  He must be one of the most well-known Pit Bulls ever and has made a huge impression of many people all over the world - especially those humans that thought that all Pit Bulls (like Daddy and me) were dangerous breeds.  Well, Daddy showed them a thing or two with all his TV programs!

Today, Mummy, The Dad and I joined loads of other humans and puppy dogs at the Hobart Royal Botanical Gardens.  I was just oh, so excited!  I did not know where to look or go to greet first!  There were little puppies, medium ones, large ones and then, my goodness he is huge, puppies!  I so wanted to play with everyone but I was too hyped up and Mummy would not let me move!!  Little ones just got flattened under my paw and Mummy was concerned that the humans may think I wanted to eat their puppy!  There were some great humans too that really admired my built, colour and how healthy I looked.  The most common question Mummy got asked (after telling them that I was only ten months old and weighed 33kgs) was: How much bigger will he get?  Mummy told them that she has stopped feeding me to see if it will slow down my growth WOL. 

We then went over to Cornelia Bay and I got to romp in the water and play with other puppies for a while.  Most of those puppies I had met at the Botanical Gardens!  We had hardly put our feet into the house when Mummy called me and I just knew it - bath time!

Now look, not that I mind having a bath - no, really, it is not that bad.  I get a good massage, especially when Mummy puts the conditioner on, and the tap shower head has little brissles on it and really gives me a good scrub too.  Afterwards I get a very nice rubdown and brushdown too - which I sooooo love!  Once the bathing is done and I am all dry, clean, soft and nice smelling, I am such a proud Woof!

Oh, Mummy and I did a spot of gardening this morning before we went to the Botanical Gardens.  I really love it when I get to help weed the garden - pity there are so many flowers that grow close to the weeds!

I believe (heard it from Mummy) that this coming week looks like it will be another hot one.  I don't mind it that much and Mummy now makes sure that the grass around the peach tree is kept moist so that I have a cool place to lie down during the day when she is not here!

I am happy to see that my friend, MaxDog, is still going strong.  He is often thought of!

I hope you all have a great week!

Stay healthy and God Bless


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