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Friday, January 22, 2010


Woof, woof

Yes, we did go up the mountain and, yes, Mummy did remember to bring the video camera with us - and take footage of the walk, the view and me going crazy dog.  There was even heavy breathing on the video in places as Mummy was talking going up the hill!  Nah, nothing spectacular really but still a great walk.

Mummy only found out afterwards that you cannot upload video footage directly onto blogger but can do so with a link back to You Tube.  Now we have to go through that process first and then attach the link to me.  Hopefully Mummy can get that done this afternoon and have it up later today.

Finished my anti-biotics course and the snorting is still there.  Mummy is concerned that it may be a head of one of the grasses I run through that I may have inhaled.  I noticed that she is keeping a close watch on me to see if this gets worse or remains as-is.  I still need to return to the doggy-doctor to update me on my outstanding injections and will then hear what she has to say.  Mummy read in the local newspaper how much pain and suffering these grasses can cause my kind if not removed.  I must admit, I now enjoy the rub-down I receive after each walk.  We go out the back and I get brushed and brushed and brushed.  When Mummy is finished brushing me, she then goes through my ears, in between my toes, under my tail and under my arm pits to check.  I love this attention!

Mummy has now got me onto Junior food because the Puppy kibble are too small (and I've gotten used to the taste too and need a change).

Please come back tomorrow to see whether Mummy managed to add the video link so that you can see my walk.  I enjoy sharing with you all.

Until next time, God Bless


Thursday, January 21, 2010


Woof, woof

Was so excited to Mummy come home yesterday. It is a long day without her and a puppy gets quite lonely.

When Mummy puts on her walking shoes and askes me whether we are going for walkies, I get pretty excited. This means going walk-about in the neighbourhood. Yesterday we walked towards The Dad's work but took a different route. I am learning (trying to, anyway) that when I am on the lead, I have to obey commands and walk beside Mummy. Boy, oh Boy, this is stressfull because all I want to do is go crazy dog and be off lead running wild. This only happens when we hit the hills behind our house. There is no traffic and it is very safe for me to be a crazy dog.

I would like to think that I got the hang of what is expected of me - by the end of the 4.5km walk. Was pretty happy to see The Dad's work ute stop to pick us up. I even jumped in. Although I was a hotdog LOL (actually a hot dog), I could face the cool air of the aircon from the vents and was pretty happy. Took us about 40 minutes as Mummy did not have her walking shoes on (teach her to not let me read messages along the walk!).

Cannot wait for this afternoon's walk. I think Mummy will take me to the hills so that the crazy dog can come out. She is going to take The Dad's video camera with so that you can see what we get to see. Watch this space tomorrow!

Take care and God Bless


Until we meet again - God Bless


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What to do, what to do?

Woof, woof

I spent Tuesday with Mummy at the office and got to socialise with oh, so many people!  Somehow I must admit, lying down next to Mummy in her office compared to at home, it is just not the same.  I mean, at work there are so many distractions - people walking past, noises, sounds - and all there to attract my attention!  Mummy somehow does not seem to get that and thinks that I should behave like puppies do on TV programs.  Hello???  Like, we're living a reality and I am not a trained puppy actor.

Anyway, the day went off well.  I got to run around on the grass pitch - and I just love running around without a leash; I got to be cuddled, massaged and rubbed by almost everyone I encountered.  Justin, one of Mummy's colleages, is always so nice to me when I visit.  We rough-play every time we meet.  I wish he would bring his puppy with too.  We would have such a great time!

Unfortunately, I was very clumsy in the morning when I jumped up to say hello to Wally - I bumped her arm holding her cuppa and she spilt some onto her one sleeve.  Luckily for me she forgave me and my tail could wag proudly again.  Talking about my tail.  Mummy does not know, but that is my secret weapon (and even I get attacked by it)!  My tail is made of an indestructible substance and is very solid.  When it hits you, you know about it - and when I am excited and you get knocked, especially when you are bending down towards me and it accidentally knocks your face, you know you've been whipped.  Not that I mean to hurt anybody - no, not at all!  I just cannot help being such a strong boy.

I was very happy to get home again after work and could relax in the freedom of my sanctuary.  With Mummy working on her quilt, I find I need to bother her more now as she gets totally lost in her own world once she enters her sewing room.  I would walk in quietly, lay my head on her lap and stare lovingly at her - she eventually stops what she is doing to give me a couple of love-rubs, a good neck massage and a kiss above each eye.  That keeps me going for a short while until I miss her again.

Today, Wednesday, I will be at home for the day and can continue to dig up the beautiful green grass her and The Dad are trying to re-grow in my area.  Mummy keeps saying to concrete the area but The Dad says No.  I was, actually, trying to dig through to the opposite side of the world but they stopped me!  Pity, I was getting good at digging.

Hopefully, when Mummy gets home, I can go for a quick walk around the 'block' and up the hill behind us.  This is such a nice area to run crazy and be a silly dog.  When we get back, I get a proper brush down with my hair brush to get rid of the grasses that stick to my skin and, hopefully, any ticks that I may have picked up - but my weekly bath normally keeps me clean and shiny anyway.

I hope everybody out there is keeping well and staying healthy.  I try to keep The Dad healthy too by playing with him - every now and then he will go with on a walk but he does not like walking.

Oh, and my human brother in South Africa has proposed to his partner and they are hoping to get married end November.  Mummy is extremely exciting but sad because she will now miss his wedding as well (she missed my human sister's wedding).  His little girl will then be 1 year 3 months old at that time!  I have seen photos of her and she is as cute as all Mummy's other grandchildren (gosh, I am making my Mummy sound very old!).  I think I better stop while I am ahead.

Until we meet again, God Bless


Until we meet again - God Bless

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mummy's new craft!

Woof, woof

I just love weekends because I then have my Mummy and The Dad as company (well, most of the time anyway).  Since Mummy took up quilting, and because she is back at work, she can now only go on Saturdays.  She is coming along quite OK, I think!  One problem, though, now I have to bring my toy to where she is sewing and drop it in her lap - just to have her notice me sometimes! 

Mummy did, however, take me for a walk into the hill behind our house but because we did not follow the normal footpath, the open field area ended suddenly and we had to make our way up to the normal footpath.  No problem for me - I can push through the bushes, branches and obstacles but Mummy got scratched by all of this!  AND then we had thunder, lightning and rain starting and had to make haste to get home.  Not too many drops found us among the trees!

I heard a boing-boing-boing and immediately chased after it to investigate but Mummy called me back - just in case I got to the Wallaby and it kicked me.  Not too sure what I would have done with it, had I caught up with it!  Play with it?  Maybe not.

I am still on my anti-biotics but the snort-cough is not getting better or worse.  It feels like there may be something in my nose and I have to get it out, hence the snorting.  Will wait to see if it changes later on.  Mummy is keeping a close eye on me!

This morning Mummy and The Dad went to buy themselves a bedroom suite.  Mummy has been looking for something nice for about four years now and finally found something her and The Dad liked AND that suited the budget.  Only problem is that there is an eight week wait on it but Mummy reckons that she may have her new quilt finished by that time and can put it onto the new bed!  The Dad must have had second thoughts about buying the suite - previously he was not too keen but then, on Friday, decided that they could get it.

The Dad is hunting for boats.  At least he has caught on that Mummy does NOT like yachts!  There is one he found today that would make Mummy happy and the price is excellent but the timing is not good!  Mmmmm, maybe that is why The Dad said that they could get the bedroom suite - now Mummy will not be able to refuse him since he got her the bedroom suite.  Clever! 

The Dad had to go and work on one of the tarring machines this afternoon and Mummy and I took a walk from home to where this was (not that far really).  Was a fast walk because there were raindrops coming down and this meant that I could not read all the messages left by others of my kind.  We came back with The Dad.  Mummy then spent most of the afternoon doing work on her new quilt and has, so far, made 20 log cabin squares out of a total of 36.  That is just the bottom section around the quilt.  I can see Mummy is fully into this now.  Yesterday Mummy rearranged the sewing room (used to be the second bedroom until the bed was taken out) and it sure looks a lot better - and bigger!

It has gone from 30 to 11 degrees C in the matter of two days and I got in under the blanket in the lounge this afternoon for a snooze.  Nice!!!

I am now lying on my blanket in the study - snoring - and Mummy is going to make supper (if she does not do it, nothing gets to the table - or my bowl).

I sure hope everybody has a great week and keep safe.

Until we meet again - God Bless

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Great Weather at last!

Woof, woof

At last - the Tasmanian weather is back to what one is more used to. It is apparently going to be 19 degrees C today and that is great!

And where did I end up lying last night?  Yip, Mummy ended up working on her new quilt and I laid down next to her.  I need to know where she is when she is home or else I start looking all over for her.  I do not like Mummy going to work - prefer it when she is on holidays and also over weekends.  She is here with me.  Yes, I do enjoy having The Dad around too as he can play rougher than Mummy can but he is only The Dad.  Every puppy needs a Mummy that loves and spoils them!  I got so excited last night and in my playing, I nipped The Dad's arm.  He was not impressed with me and I showed him that I was really, really sorry about that.  He forgave me.  I think maybe more toys need to be around when we play so that I can grab onto something when I get overly excited!

Anyway, I am Home Alone today again and now just wait for Mummy's car to come up the road - I start looking out from around 3.30 every afternoon (that is according to Nan from her visit in October) and when her car pulls into the driveway, I welcome her with the best yowl I can let out.  If she takes too long in the garage, I let her know that I am still here!  My welcome grin is greatly improving too - both sides of my lips pull up in a grin now.  Mummy absolutely loves it and kisses me until I am almost broken but I love that too, especially the little kisses she gives me in the soft areas above each eye!

I better let Mummy get on with her work.

Until later, keep well and God Bless

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Windy and Hot

Woof, Woof

What a day it was!  Not only was it hot but the wind blew things all over the place and it was not even a cool breeze!  I am trying to find some coolness inside the house but it seems to be warm throughout and Mummy and The Dad will not put the aircon on for me.

Mummy has been kept busy at work and hardly had any free time but I know that she enjoys days like that.  She took her study file with her to punch holes in all her reference work to add to the file .......... and brought it back home in the way she took it to work.

Aunty Wally came and visited Mummy at work today and she had some beautiful hand dyed material with stunning yellow beads.  I know that Mummy envies her at the moment because she is still on leave for another week.  Now that Mummy has started her quilting, she is very keen and eager to always be in her sewing room!  I think I will have to go and lie there if I want to be near Mummy as she has planned ahead - bought BBQ meat for The Dad to do and rolls to go with it.  Nothing fancy and they are missing out on their 5 x vegies and 2 x fruit today!

Me?  I get kibble and sometimes, cold slices of dog meat cut into cubes and mixed with my kibble.  Mummy does not allow me to eat bread or dough products - says it has no nutritional value for me (my Mummy loves me lots!).

Maybe I will join Mummy for work some time within the next two weeks - depending on her work.  I take up quite a bit of her attention and keep on wanting to go walkies outside to 'read all the messages' left by my kind along the pavements.  Will keep my paws crossed!

Not much else is happening here but when it does happen, you will be the first to know!

Keep well and God Bless

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Vet Visit

Woof, Woof
I am jumping all over the place! Not only because the Vet reckoned that I am in an excellent condition, but also because Mummy decided that I was too dirty and gave me a cooling bath! I now smell all clean and fresh from my hair conditioner and my fur is so soft.

The Vet reckoned that it may a bit of kennel-cough (whatever that is) but even if it is not, I have still been put on a short course of anti-biotics. Oh, and I also got a de-worming tablet as well. Once I am over this funny snorting-cought, I will go back and have my injections brought up to date as well. (Mummy forgot about the last one!) And Mummy weighed me when we got to the Vet - I now weigh a healthy 30.3kgs - and I have just turned 9 months old.

By the way, I need to show you how I enjoy sitting on The Dad (gotta show him who is boss hee hee).

And every morning when I get let into the house (and after checking that my paws are clean of mud), I jump up onto the bed and this is how I sleep until Mummy has to go to work - sometimes I prefer all of me under the blankets.

Take care and God Bless



The Truth

Woof, Woof

First up: Happy New Year to each and everybody out there - late as it may be!
Well, what can I say about the long silence? I can always try to make excuses like "The Mom was busy" but I know nobody will believe such rubbish - and you will be correct.

BUT I think the penny may have finally dropped. I told Mummy that she does not have to make long and windy entries - just short bulletins will suffice. Hopefully she will prove to get more organised now!

So, what have we been up to during this long silence? Nan has left and gone back to Durban, South Africa (her visit is now but a loving memory). Christmas was a quiet but good event at home. The Sydney to Hobart yacht race was a highlight and the Taste festival was great. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to go with Mummy but The Dad bought a bicycle rack for his car and now Mummy takes her bicycle with when we go down to 7 Mile Beach. She cycles along the beach and I run beside her - just LOVE this. I also play with The Dad when things get thrown. I now love going into the water but will not go in too deep (you never know what is underneath).

Oh, and Mummy has started studying again. She is doing a Certificate in Business Administration and has already submitted her first assignment on New Year's day!

Thanks to Aunty Wally (Sally Westcott), Mummy is now in the throws of starting quilting too. She started her first quilting lesson on Tuesday, 5 January, and on Wednesday, 6 January, she finished quilting her first quilt. Saturday evening she finished sewing the border. On Friday, 8 January, Mummy attended another lesson and started on her second quilt. This one is a small lap quilt like her first one - it is one to fit her bed! She only noticed that it said 'Advanced' on Sunday!

Mummy is taking me to the Vet this afternoon. I have a cough and am not a happy puppy. Mummy is very worried about me and almost took me to work with her this morning too!

Sorry if I let anybody down with this lengthy silence. We will give it another go and see how Mummy copes. Humans!!!

Until next time

God Bless and take care