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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mummy's new craft!

Woof, woof

I just love weekends because I then have my Mummy and The Dad as company (well, most of the time anyway).  Since Mummy took up quilting, and because she is back at work, she can now only go on Saturdays.  She is coming along quite OK, I think!  One problem, though, now I have to bring my toy to where she is sewing and drop it in her lap - just to have her notice me sometimes! 

Mummy did, however, take me for a walk into the hill behind our house but because we did not follow the normal footpath, the open field area ended suddenly and we had to make our way up to the normal footpath.  No problem for me - I can push through the bushes, branches and obstacles but Mummy got scratched by all of this!  AND then we had thunder, lightning and rain starting and had to make haste to get home.  Not too many drops found us among the trees!

I heard a boing-boing-boing and immediately chased after it to investigate but Mummy called me back - just in case I got to the Wallaby and it kicked me.  Not too sure what I would have done with it, had I caught up with it!  Play with it?  Maybe not.

I am still on my anti-biotics but the snort-cough is not getting better or worse.  It feels like there may be something in my nose and I have to get it out, hence the snorting.  Will wait to see if it changes later on.  Mummy is keeping a close eye on me!

This morning Mummy and The Dad went to buy themselves a bedroom suite.  Mummy has been looking for something nice for about four years now and finally found something her and The Dad liked AND that suited the budget.  Only problem is that there is an eight week wait on it but Mummy reckons that she may have her new quilt finished by that time and can put it onto the new bed!  The Dad must have had second thoughts about buying the suite - previously he was not too keen but then, on Friday, decided that they could get it.

The Dad is hunting for boats.  At least he has caught on that Mummy does NOT like yachts!  There is one he found today that would make Mummy happy and the price is excellent but the timing is not good!  Mmmmm, maybe that is why The Dad said that they could get the bedroom suite - now Mummy will not be able to refuse him since he got her the bedroom suite.  Clever! 

The Dad had to go and work on one of the tarring machines this afternoon and Mummy and I took a walk from home to where this was (not that far really).  Was a fast walk because there were raindrops coming down and this meant that I could not read all the messages left by others of my kind.  We came back with The Dad.  Mummy then spent most of the afternoon doing work on her new quilt and has, so far, made 20 log cabin squares out of a total of 36.  That is just the bottom section around the quilt.  I can see Mummy is fully into this now.  Yesterday Mummy rearranged the sewing room (used to be the second bedroom until the bed was taken out) and it sure looks a lot better - and bigger!

It has gone from 30 to 11 degrees C in the matter of two days and I got in under the blanket in the lounge this afternoon for a snooze.  Nice!!!

I am now lying on my blanket in the study - snoring - and Mummy is going to make supper (if she does not do it, nothing gets to the table - or my bowl).

I sure hope everybody has a great week and keep safe.

Until we meet again - God Bless

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