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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Windy and Hot

Woof, Woof

What a day it was!  Not only was it hot but the wind blew things all over the place and it was not even a cool breeze!  I am trying to find some coolness inside the house but it seems to be warm throughout and Mummy and The Dad will not put the aircon on for me.

Mummy has been kept busy at work and hardly had any free time but I know that she enjoys days like that.  She took her study file with her to punch holes in all her reference work to add to the file .......... and brought it back home in the way she took it to work.

Aunty Wally came and visited Mummy at work today and she had some beautiful hand dyed material with stunning yellow beads.  I know that Mummy envies her at the moment because she is still on leave for another week.  Now that Mummy has started her quilting, she is very keen and eager to always be in her sewing room!  I think I will have to go and lie there if I want to be near Mummy as she has planned ahead - bought BBQ meat for The Dad to do and rolls to go with it.  Nothing fancy and they are missing out on their 5 x vegies and 2 x fruit today!

Me?  I get kibble and sometimes, cold slices of dog meat cut into cubes and mixed with my kibble.  Mummy does not allow me to eat bread or dough products - says it has no nutritional value for me (my Mummy loves me lots!).

Maybe I will join Mummy for work some time within the next two weeks - depending on her work.  I take up quite a bit of her attention and keep on wanting to go walkies outside to 'read all the messages' left by my kind along the pavements.  Will keep my paws crossed!

Not much else is happening here but when it does happen, you will be the first to know!

Keep well and God Bless

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