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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Vet Visit

Woof, Woof
I am jumping all over the place! Not only because the Vet reckoned that I am in an excellent condition, but also because Mummy decided that I was too dirty and gave me a cooling bath! I now smell all clean and fresh from my hair conditioner and my fur is so soft.

The Vet reckoned that it may a bit of kennel-cough (whatever that is) but even if it is not, I have still been put on a short course of anti-biotics. Oh, and I also got a de-worming tablet as well. Once I am over this funny snorting-cought, I will go back and have my injections brought up to date as well. (Mummy forgot about the last one!) And Mummy weighed me when we got to the Vet - I now weigh a healthy 30.3kgs - and I have just turned 9 months old.

By the way, I need to show you how I enjoy sitting on The Dad (gotta show him who is boss hee hee).

And every morning when I get let into the house (and after checking that my paws are clean of mud), I jump up onto the bed and this is how I sleep until Mummy has to go to work - sometimes I prefer all of me under the blankets.

Take care and God Bless



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