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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Woof, woof

Was so excited to Mummy come home yesterday. It is a long day without her and a puppy gets quite lonely.

When Mummy puts on her walking shoes and askes me whether we are going for walkies, I get pretty excited. This means going walk-about in the neighbourhood. Yesterday we walked towards The Dad's work but took a different route. I am learning (trying to, anyway) that when I am on the lead, I have to obey commands and walk beside Mummy. Boy, oh Boy, this is stressfull because all I want to do is go crazy dog and be off lead running wild. This only happens when we hit the hills behind our house. There is no traffic and it is very safe for me to be a crazy dog.

I would like to think that I got the hang of what is expected of me - by the end of the 4.5km walk. Was pretty happy to see The Dad's work ute stop to pick us up. I even jumped in. Although I was a hotdog LOL (actually a hot dog), I could face the cool air of the aircon from the vents and was pretty happy. Took us about 40 minutes as Mummy did not have her walking shoes on (teach her to not let me read messages along the walk!).

Cannot wait for this afternoon's walk. I think Mummy will take me to the hills so that the crazy dog can come out. She is going to take The Dad's video camera with so that you can see what we get to see. Watch this space tomorrow!

Take care and God Bless


Until we meet again - God Bless


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