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Friday, January 22, 2010


Woof, woof

Yes, we did go up the mountain and, yes, Mummy did remember to bring the video camera with us - and take footage of the walk, the view and me going crazy dog.  There was even heavy breathing on the video in places as Mummy was talking going up the hill!  Nah, nothing spectacular really but still a great walk.

Mummy only found out afterwards that you cannot upload video footage directly onto blogger but can do so with a link back to You Tube.  Now we have to go through that process first and then attach the link to me.  Hopefully Mummy can get that done this afternoon and have it up later today.

Finished my anti-biotics course and the snorting is still there.  Mummy is concerned that it may be a head of one of the grasses I run through that I may have inhaled.  I noticed that she is keeping a close watch on me to see if this gets worse or remains as-is.  I still need to return to the doggy-doctor to update me on my outstanding injections and will then hear what she has to say.  Mummy read in the local newspaper how much pain and suffering these grasses can cause my kind if not removed.  I must admit, I now enjoy the rub-down I receive after each walk.  We go out the back and I get brushed and brushed and brushed.  When Mummy is finished brushing me, she then goes through my ears, in between my toes, under my tail and under my arm pits to check.  I love this attention!

Mummy has now got me onto Junior food because the Puppy kibble are too small (and I've gotten used to the taste too and need a change).

Please come back tomorrow to see whether Mummy managed to add the video link so that you can see my walk.  I enjoy sharing with you all.

Until next time, God Bless


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