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Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Forest Walk

Woof, woof

I managed to keep my promise!  Got Mummy to take her camera with on our walk this rmorning!  Our visitor, Adrian (he is from Perth and where they live is not nearly as beautiful as here by us!), joined Mummy and I for our early morning walk.  It is also Anzac Day here by us in Australia but I did not fight in any wars so Mummy said that I could not go on a march ..... hence us going for a walk in the forest!

These photos were taken in one of the hills behind our house.  One cannot image having this behind your suburban house where there are roads, buildings and shopping centres 2 kms down the road!  Now you too know why I cannot wait for Mummy to put on her walking shoes and call me to heel!  A better place to go crazy dog I just cannot imagine!

The photo on the left is where Mummy and I walk up to go to the hill and the photo on the right is me, halfway up the incline.

If you look carefully in the photo on the right (in the middle of the photo), you will see the 'lion' hiding amongst the trees - ready to pounce on anything that moves!

These two photos are some of the scenery toward the back of the hill in the first photo.  Check me all ready and rearing to go in the photo on the right.  There are many fire trails in the forest here.

It was only 16 degrees today and it is very cold for a short-haired woof like me.  Mummy and The Dad went and bought some vinyl flooring to put in my kennel on top of my electric blankets so that I get more heat.  There is currently a thin piece of wood over it to prevent me chewing it up.  I know that with the vinyl flooring (looks like real wood too!!), the heat will be better!  Yippeeeee!  I am going to be sleeping very warm!  Thank you, Mummy; thank you, The Dad.

Keep well, and God Bless. Woof

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Saturday

Woof, woof

It was a very cold and wet day today and I decided, from the moment I was let in this morning, that I was not going to be going outside if I could help it - and I did not!

I ended up in my bed in the lounge, had my warm jacket on and my blankie over my head - and that was how I stayed ALL  DAY!  Mummy was busy with her quilting thingies and because it was raining, we did not go out.

Mummy did come and bother me every now and then with her camera in my face, especially when she saw my tongue sticking out.  She even took a photo of me when she woke me up by calling my name.  My poor eyes struggled to get back into my sockets!  I chose to ignore Mummy and she did go away - phew, peace again.  I know, go ahead and say it - Paxton, you are a real souk!

Would you give up a warm bed if it is cold and rainy outside?  Just have a look out the window and then decide!

We have a visitor this evening and now I need to be on my best behaviour but, boy, am I excited with a new face in MY HOUSE!  I get to socialise indoors now!  Mummy had me do the tricks I learnt and he thought I was such a clever boy!

Not too sure about the sleeping outside bit tonight with the cold wind and on-off rain BUT at least I have my electric blankie to keep me warm!  Niiiiice!

On Friday evening Mummy and I went for a walk up the hill behind us and I really got a good workout chasing after the wallabies!  They are so lucky that I did not catch them; or is it me that is so lucky?  Have to think about that!  I was chasing through the bush back and forth - great fun.  So much better that going for walkies on a lead on the street!  I am off-lead and free but will come when called. 

Hopefully we will have time for another walk tomorrow.  I will ask Mummy to take the camera with so that I can share my walk with you! 

Better let Mummy go to spend time with our visitor - he might think she is rude.  Oh, Mummy got a lovely bunch of flowers from him too - flowers called Proteas, or something .....

Keep well, and God Bless. Woof

Sunday, April 18, 2010

And my new BED

Woof, woof

Where do I start?  Do you want to good news or bad news first?

OK, the good new.  On Friday when Mummy came home from work, she had bought me a new indoor bed that is suitable for my size and is just so cuddly and warm - especially when I also catch the early morning warm sunrays shining directly onto me.  That is a woof's life!  Sorry, did not catch that?  Spoilt?  What is that?  I like to think that Mummy loves me very much and wants to take care of me properly; have I got that right?  This is me this morning in the sun.  Carefree.  Very tired this morning, had a busy night!  I got to sleep next to Mummy's side of the bed in my bed because my outside house was closed off.  I am a good guard dog too.  I chased after every noise, creak or imaginary sound I heard ........ and woke Mummy every time (even with her earplugs in!).  Needless to say, The Dad slept through it all.  Mummy is also blurry eyed ........ sorry, again, Mummy.  If I said: "I love you" make it better?

OK, I suppose you now wonder what is the bad news!  Ummm, aaaaah, errrrrrr ...... I'm so sorry to report to you all (stop pushing me, Mummy, I will talk) that I ..... ehhhh ..... I .... I ......., I chewed up the matting that The Dad fitted over my brand new blankie.  No, I cannot repeat that, sorry.  Now I am barred from using my own house until The Dad can find a way to prevent me from chewing up anything that he puts in place.  Do I need to go to bed with a muzzle?  No, please, Mummy!!!!

Mummy is going to buy me a different kibble this morning; I am not to get used to eating too much soft polony type meat with my kibble because then I will be spoilt (so says Mummy). 

Oops, here comes Mummy.  Looks like she is going to get dressed to go out and do what is needed at the shops, and will then come back to do 'work' work.  A quick walkies before then, Mummy????

Keep well, and God Bless.


Friday, April 16, 2010

My Electric Blankie - It's Arrived

Woof, woof

woo woo - I'm happy and jumping around like a Kangroo and Springbuck with glee.  I will be warm this winter!  My electric blankies arrived today at Mummy's work!  Will get her to take some pictures to show you!  Oh, yeah!!!!

I know that I will have a quiet weekend.  Mummy is doing her quilting thingy on Saturday and on Sunday she is working - as in 'work' work!  I will have to look nicely into Mummy's eyes early in the morning to take me for a walkabout before she starts her days - just so that I can also get out and about.  Would be great to do the hill walk again; maybe go a bit further this time, Mummy?  Pawleeeeze?

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 

Keep well, and God Bless.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Electric Blankie

Woof, woof

Winter is coming ......... sleeping outside is for the dogs (which I am not, of course) ........ and short fur also does not keep me warm!

The Dad and Mummy have ordered me electric heating pads (made for dogs - which, of course, I am not) that they will install securely into my house (the little one outside - the big one has a nice cuddly and warm queen-size bed where I disappear into under the douvet every morning when I am let in).  Cannot wait for the postman to arrive.

Mummy and I went across the back of the hill next to 'ours' and what joy it was!  Mind you, it was a pretty steep hill but I was so excited to be free, I just went crazy dog - over and over.  Chased after a wallaby but he is so lucky .... I decided to turn back to Mummy when I noticed she was not behind me - only trees!  Got loooooots of exercise in!

Mummy has also taken to handling me with a short leash and seems to be happier with me keeping next to her and not pulling her into next week!  I do not know why Mummy always has to be the Pack Leader!!  What about me?  Don't I count?

The other day when we were out walking, we came across a small rabbit sitting next to the side of the pavement.  He looked so sick and wasted.  Got a huge fright when Mummy stopped beside him but I was so excited!  Live Game!  Mummy got pretty mad at me for wanting to just get at it and I got a couple of jabs when I tried to hurl myself at it.  Poor thing, got very frightened and at first ran into the road, which nearly causes Mummy to have a hernia; and finally hopping off into the thick bush!  Pity, I was going to hone my hunting skills!  Humans, do they ever know how to have fun!

Paws crossed - postman delivers my parcel tomorrow!!

Keep well, and God Bless.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Torn Blankie and a Kookaburra

Woof, woof

Uh-huh - this is my jaw-work and the reason why I am not in Mummy's good books this morning.  She is extremely happy that she took off my new jacket last night!  I do not know why I do this very naughty, (exciting), terrible, (woofy), destructive, (exhilarating) things to my blankies and jackets when it is left outside with me!  I am going to say that I suffer from separation anxiety - and sticking to that 'diagnosis'.  Sorry, Mummy - I will never do that again until next time!

Nice and warm this morning when you are lying in the sun.  Oh, look who came to visit us this morning.  We have Kookaburras living in the forest behind our house and Mummy oohs and aahs when she sees them and goes into overdrive when one or more comes close to us.  This morning was such a morning!  He was sitting on our back fence - we think this is the baby from last year!

Hopefully we can get to go out for a while today!  The Dad is busy fighting a war on his computer (very dramatic music can be heard) and Mummy is working on something she is calling autumn leaves, centre mark, applique, fabric - this sounds like something called quilting, yes?  I went and checked it out and did not know what it was all about.  Maybe you can understand this better, being a human:

Humans have funny activities with strange names!  Quilting, applique, fabric ...... see what I mean?

Keep well, and God Bless.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

One Year Old Today!

Woof, woof

Happy Birthday to me!  I am one year old today.  It is cool outside and inside (doors are open so that I can go in and out when I need to) and I am shivering!  If you look at the clock behind me, you will see that it is only 16 degrees inside the house and although that is not normally very cold, with it being overcast and the open doors, it feels like 6 degrees!

Oh sooooooo cold

I do not like the kibble Mummy bought me this month and avoid eating this (which obviously means that I cannot keep myself warm as there is no fuel to burn - that is what Mummy reasons anyway).  SO - Mummy will be off to Woolies soon to replenish my favourite polony-type food that gets added to my kibble.  Spoilt you say?  Mmmmmmm, that is debatable!

Mummy and I went for a lovely walk along Cornelia Bay yesterday afternoon and I ended up playing in the water as well.  That resulted in Mummy taking me to the Dog Wash and, silly me, I just jumped onto the mat in the bathing area!  It was only when Mummy closed the door behind me that I realised I was conned .... again!  A wash, rinse, condition and hairdry later, and we were on our way home!  I feel great when I am all clean and my fur soft!  I socialised over and over along my walk and 'caught' two runaway puppies.  Well, OK, they were so excited to meet me that they stopped dead in their tracks and Mummy got hold of their leashes - their poor owner came huffing and puffing up to us a short time later!  At least I listen most of the time when Mummy calls 'SIDE'.  I have noticed that her voice goes ver high and sounds so excited that most of the time I tend to leave whatever I am doing and run back to her.  I then get a big hug and huge 'Good Boy!!'  which makes me feel SO proud of myself.

To my Christian families and friends - a Blessed and Peaceful Easter!

Keep well, and God Bless.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Break

Woof, woof

Hopefully Mummy's little toe is good enough for us to go walking over this Easter break - especially considering she is off for four days!  I have become quite irritated due to lack of exercise - even though Mummy and The Dad do play with me; it is just not the same.

I know that there is much to do around the house and I hope I am included in many of the activities (knowing Mummy, I am sure I will be!).

We will also be fetching my little friend, Alex, for some time with us and I am looking forward to this!

Will let you know what happens!

Keep well, peaceful Easter wishes and God Bless.