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Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Forest Walk

Woof, woof

I managed to keep my promise!  Got Mummy to take her camera with on our walk this rmorning!  Our visitor, Adrian (he is from Perth and where they live is not nearly as beautiful as here by us!), joined Mummy and I for our early morning walk.  It is also Anzac Day here by us in Australia but I did not fight in any wars so Mummy said that I could not go on a march ..... hence us going for a walk in the forest!

These photos were taken in one of the hills behind our house.  One cannot image having this behind your suburban house where there are roads, buildings and shopping centres 2 kms down the road!  Now you too know why I cannot wait for Mummy to put on her walking shoes and call me to heel!  A better place to go crazy dog I just cannot imagine!

The photo on the left is where Mummy and I walk up to go to the hill and the photo on the right is me, halfway up the incline.

If you look carefully in the photo on the right (in the middle of the photo), you will see the 'lion' hiding amongst the trees - ready to pounce on anything that moves!

These two photos are some of the scenery toward the back of the hill in the first photo.  Check me all ready and rearing to go in the photo on the right.  There are many fire trails in the forest here.

It was only 16 degrees today and it is very cold for a short-haired woof like me.  Mummy and The Dad went and bought some vinyl flooring to put in my kennel on top of my electric blankets so that I get more heat.  There is currently a thin piece of wood over it to prevent me chewing it up.  I know that with the vinyl flooring (looks like real wood too!!), the heat will be better!  Yippeeeee!  I am going to be sleeping very warm!  Thank you, Mummy; thank you, The Dad.

Keep well, and God Bless. Woof


  1. Oh, that looks like such a great walk! We don't see much of that here in Chicago.

  2. I can tell you that I do huff and puff going up the rise but I am sure once I've done that for a fair number of times, I may increase my level of fitness LOL

    Needless to say, Paxton thoroughly enjoys it and runs up and down the rise over and over - so he gets to use up plenty of energy. Pity with winter thought, for a pre-work and after-work walk, with winter creeping nearer, I would not be able to do this walk because it will be just too dark!

  3. Hey there Paxton buddy!
    That is certainly a wonderful place to walk. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the pictures! Thank you for sharing them.
    I'm sorry I don't often comment on your blog, but I am following you!
    Enjoy your designer kennel and send lotsaluv to your Mom.