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Friday, April 16, 2010

My Electric Blankie - It's Arrived

Woof, woof

woo woo - I'm happy and jumping around like a Kangroo and Springbuck with glee.  I will be warm this winter!  My electric blankies arrived today at Mummy's work!  Will get her to take some pictures to show you!  Oh, yeah!!!!

I know that I will have a quiet weekend.  Mummy is doing her quilting thingy on Saturday and on Sunday she is working - as in 'work' work!  I will have to look nicely into Mummy's eyes early in the morning to take me for a walkabout before she starts her days - just so that I can also get out and about.  Would be great to do the hill walk again; maybe go a bit further this time, Mummy?  Pawleeeeze?

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 

Keep well, and God Bless.



  1. My sentiment too, Wally, but I heard Mummy mutter something about 'course handbooks' and 'run out of time'. Woe is me......