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Sunday, April 18, 2010

And my new BED

Woof, woof

Where do I start?  Do you want to good news or bad news first?

OK, the good new.  On Friday when Mummy came home from work, she had bought me a new indoor bed that is suitable for my size and is just so cuddly and warm - especially when I also catch the early morning warm sunrays shining directly onto me.  That is a woof's life!  Sorry, did not catch that?  Spoilt?  What is that?  I like to think that Mummy loves me very much and wants to take care of me properly; have I got that right?  This is me this morning in the sun.  Carefree.  Very tired this morning, had a busy night!  I got to sleep next to Mummy's side of the bed in my bed because my outside house was closed off.  I am a good guard dog too.  I chased after every noise, creak or imaginary sound I heard ........ and woke Mummy every time (even with her earplugs in!).  Needless to say, The Dad slept through it all.  Mummy is also blurry eyed ........ sorry, again, Mummy.  If I said: "I love you" make it better?

OK, I suppose you now wonder what is the bad news!  Ummm, aaaaah, errrrrrr ...... I'm so sorry to report to you all (stop pushing me, Mummy, I will talk) that I ..... ehhhh ..... I .... I ......., I chewed up the matting that The Dad fitted over my brand new blankie.  No, I cannot repeat that, sorry.  Now I am barred from using my own house until The Dad can find a way to prevent me from chewing up anything that he puts in place.  Do I need to go to bed with a muzzle?  No, please, Mummy!!!!

Mummy is going to buy me a different kibble this morning; I am not to get used to eating too much soft polony type meat with my kibble because then I will be spoilt (so says Mummy). 

Oops, here comes Mummy.  Looks like she is going to get dressed to go out and do what is needed at the shops, and will then come back to do 'work' work.  A quick walkies before then, Mummy????

Keep well, and God Bless.


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