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Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Saturday

Woof, woof

It was a very cold and wet day today and I decided, from the moment I was let in this morning, that I was not going to be going outside if I could help it - and I did not!

I ended up in my bed in the lounge, had my warm jacket on and my blankie over my head - and that was how I stayed ALL  DAY!  Mummy was busy with her quilting thingies and because it was raining, we did not go out.

Mummy did come and bother me every now and then with her camera in my face, especially when she saw my tongue sticking out.  She even took a photo of me when she woke me up by calling my name.  My poor eyes struggled to get back into my sockets!  I chose to ignore Mummy and she did go away - phew, peace again.  I know, go ahead and say it - Paxton, you are a real souk!

Would you give up a warm bed if it is cold and rainy outside?  Just have a look out the window and then decide!

We have a visitor this evening and now I need to be on my best behaviour but, boy, am I excited with a new face in MY HOUSE!  I get to socialise indoors now!  Mummy had me do the tricks I learnt and he thought I was such a clever boy!

Not too sure about the sleeping outside bit tonight with the cold wind and on-off rain BUT at least I have my electric blankie to keep me warm!  Niiiiice!

On Friday evening Mummy and I went for a walk up the hill behind us and I really got a good workout chasing after the wallabies!  They are so lucky that I did not catch them; or is it me that is so lucky?  Have to think about that!  I was chasing through the bush back and forth - great fun.  So much better that going for walkies on a lead on the street!  I am off-lead and free but will come when called. 

Hopefully we will have time for another walk tomorrow.  I will ask Mummy to take the camera with so that I can share my walk with you! 

Better let Mummy go to spend time with our visitor - he might think she is rude.  Oh, Mummy got a lovely bunch of flowers from him too - flowers called Proteas, or something .....

Keep well, and God Bless. Woof

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