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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Electric Blankie

Woof, woof

Winter is coming ......... sleeping outside is for the dogs (which I am not, of course) ........ and short fur also does not keep me warm!

The Dad and Mummy have ordered me electric heating pads (made for dogs - which, of course, I am not) that they will install securely into my house (the little one outside - the big one has a nice cuddly and warm queen-size bed where I disappear into under the douvet every morning when I am let in).  Cannot wait for the postman to arrive.

Mummy and I went across the back of the hill next to 'ours' and what joy it was!  Mind you, it was a pretty steep hill but I was so excited to be free, I just went crazy dog - over and over.  Chased after a wallaby but he is so lucky .... I decided to turn back to Mummy when I noticed she was not behind me - only trees!  Got loooooots of exercise in!

Mummy has also taken to handling me with a short leash and seems to be happier with me keeping next to her and not pulling her into next week!  I do not know why Mummy always has to be the Pack Leader!!  What about me?  Don't I count?

The other day when we were out walking, we came across a small rabbit sitting next to the side of the pavement.  He looked so sick and wasted.  Got a huge fright when Mummy stopped beside him but I was so excited!  Live Game!  Mummy got pretty mad at me for wanting to just get at it and I got a couple of jabs when I tried to hurl myself at it.  Poor thing, got very frightened and at first ran into the road, which nearly causes Mummy to have a hernia; and finally hopping off into the thick bush!  Pity, I was going to hone my hunting skills!  Humans, do they ever know how to have fun!

Paws crossed - postman delivers my parcel tomorrow!!

Keep well, and God Bless.



  1. HI there Paxton
    So glad to hear you are doing well...missed you for a couple of months! Hope the postman arrives quickly otherwise you'll have to convince those humans and get you immigration (into the house) papers!

  2. So funny to hear you preparing for winter as we are just moving into Spring. Your electric blanket sounds nice and toasty.