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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday - travelling

Woof, woof

After the walk and bath yesterday, I thought that I would spend the rest of the weekend at home.  I was gravely mistaken as Mummy and The Dad had other ideas.

Well, to start off with, Mummy found these small lizards lying in the morning sun when she was hanging up some washing - they allowed her near enough to get some photos.  The other one is a larger lizard and he (she?) was heating up and tucking the front legs in next to his (her?) torso.  Mummy oohed and aahed for a while!  The bigger lizard let Mummy get real close for the photo!

After hanging up the washing (and leaving the lizard to get on with lazying about in the sun), our next stop was Kentucky Fried Chicken.  We drove over to Cornelian Bay where I could stretch my legs whilst Mummy and The Dad could eat.  Mummy then went silly with the camera but after seeing the photos, I decided taking so many snapshots of me was OK.  Oh, by the way, see my new harness that I got!  Mummy can control me better with this (and lift me to face her when I don't listen - don't mess with Mummy!)

Further up the beach are a lot of shacks on the water that looked so pretty!  Decide for yourself.  Has a real summer holiday look.

And here is a view of our famous Tasman Bridge, seen from Cornelian Bay.
This bridge took 3 years 7 months to construct and was opened in December 1964.  Disaster struck in 1975 when Lake Illawarra, a bulk ore carrier, struck a pillar, that caused two pylons and three cement deckings to collapse, sadly with loss of life.  Two years of reconstruction later, the bridge reopened in 1977.

And here is a shot by Noodle Snacks ( of the Tasman bridge at night.

Then we went to the Station Nursery in New Town to look at some trees Mummy saw in a brochure, only to find out that they were not what she thought they were.  She is looking for a pink-leaved tree and was told it is called the Tree-of-Heaven but after Googling it, could not decide if it was the one she was looking for. 

Anyway, I got to go in with Mummy and The Dad when they went into the nursery and as they were walking through the shop to the back of the yard, The Dad slowed down and Mummy kicked her foot (only wearing slops) against the heel of his one shoe and, we think, broke her little toe.  I will not repeat the language I hear come out of my Mummy's mouth!  I never knew such words existed!  It is very swollen and dark blue, almost purple, and sore to walk on.  At first I thought it was ME that did something wrong!

Here is a picture (below) looking up Davey Street.  This is the main road coming into Hobart.  Macquarrie Street is the main road coming in from the Southern outlet and is to the right of us.  Constitution Docks is to the left of us and the city centre to the right of the big green tree ahead of us (on the other side of Macquarrie Street).  There was (at that stage) not a cloud in the sky although rain had been forecast for today.  It became overcast later in the afternoon.

From there The Dad took the road that goes up to Mount Wellington but he did not turn off, and we went on towards Huonville. 

Lovely nature smells along the winding road with stunning scenery too!  Lots of space to go crazy dog!

The Dad then went across to Margate and we ended up on a cul-de-sac with beautiful views.  I got to chew on the oyster shells lying around.  I tried to grab some of the crabs lying about too but Mummy just would have none of that.  I forgot to switch into stealth mode!

Thereafter we came home to the warm, inviting smell of the lamb roast that Mummy had put into the oven long before we left and had it idling along at a very low heat.  It came out perfect, even if I must say so myself!  Maybe I can have the bone later when the meat is gone - yum.

And that ended up to be our Sunday - a journey of approximately 80 kms.  I am now tired to the bone (no pun intended here hee hee) and stretched out on my blankie between Mummy and The Dad, in the study.  What a life!

Hope you all have a wonderful pre-Easter week and may the Easter-bunny hop by your address as well!

Keep well, and God Bless.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tolosa Park Walk

Woof, woof

Not too sure whether I was hoodwinked by Mummy today because - yes, I did go for walkies  - but it was not quite what I expected!

Got all excited when Mummy mentioned 'walkies' early this morning!  The Dad went off to work and Mummy had to take the 4X4 in for wheel alignment.  I was invited to go with and hesitated because this was NOT walkies!  Evenutally I got into the back but I told Mummy in no uncertain looks that I was not impressed with her plans.

Oh, by the way, Mummy bought me a new harness - one that fits under my chest and ties around my neck and back.  I am still trying to figure out whether I like this or not.

Anyway, we dropped the vehicle off at the garage and hit the pavement (no, not literally - figuratively speaking, silly).  Mummy told the guy that we would give him about an hour, and off we went.  Look, I love walking and take any opportunity to get away from the house but I am not too happy with suburban walking - I am on a leash and I love to go crazy dog and run all over the place.  I also know that when I am on a leash, Mummy keeps reprimanding me for pulling her and then she tries Cesar Millan techniques on me!  I listen for a while, then pull ahead again.  The smells that greet me are like magnets - they pull me forward.  Not my fault Mummy cannot keep up!

We got back just in time as they finished the vehicle and then drove to McDonalds for a coffee for Mummy.  She wanted a chocolate dougnut but because I am not allowed to eat chocolate, she got a strawberry one.  This is a rare treat for me as Mummy very seldom lets me eat junk food!  I did not have coffee but there was a tap and I drank lots of water!  I looooooove water.

After leaving McDonalds, Mummy went to the car wash place, only to stop outside the doggy wash area!  I was fooled by this and actually climbed up into the bath area!  Got a surprise when the water came on but I must admit, the puppy barking across the road caught my attention and I almost (note - ALMOST) forgot about me being bathed until the hairdrier was put on!  Man, it makes a noise and I do not like the wind near my face.  But I felt 100% afterwards - sparkling clean and fresh.  Hee hee, there was another two puppies that were also going to be bathed and I noticed that the one casually jumped up into the bath area as well.  I know what HE is in for.

Afterwards we drove up to Tolosa Park so that we could go for a walk in the bush (I know - bath, walk in bush - does not make sense, eh?).  Tolosa Park is near Glenorchy, a suburb of Hobart, where there are various bicycle tracks and footpaths in the forest area.  First time we went there.  We did not go very far because Mummy is too scared to walk alone in the forest!  I would have protected her - if danger came our way, all she had to do was hold onto the leash and I would have removed us both very fast!  I have four legs whereas she only has two!  Mmmmm, maybe I should think this one through again .....

We then went home and I was put into the back garden (home alone again on a Saturday afternoon) and Mummy went to her miniature club meeting down in Kingston (south of Hobart).

The Dad came home shortly afterwards - and I got excited - but was sadly disappointed when he took the 4X4, left his work vehicle, and went back to work to service the 4X4.  Bloomen cheeck if you ask me - he could have taken me with!  Need to speak to him about this later this evening.

Right now I am lying on my blankie next to Mummy on the floor in the study, dictating my message to you.  I am dog tired after all this walkies today and running around in puppy dreamland with my legs jerking!  Must be a wallaby I am after!  Ahhh, there goes a possum.  Now if I can just pick up speed ........

Keep well, and God Bless.


Friday, March 26, 2010

From Sunrise to Sunset

Woof, Woof

I often wonder why Mummy runs out the front door with her camera, early in the morning or late at night.  I suppose, when one looks at what she sees, it is OK.  I now join her too - not to look at the scenery but to run down and smell the scenery from close up!

These are justs some of the photos Mummy took this week.  I kinda like them.

Keep well, and God Bless.


Monday, March 22, 2010

A New Week

Woof, woof
Miniatures, steam engines, remote control planes and boats - what is so great about that?  Do humans not know that running on the beach, going crazy dog in the grass or playing in the park is just so much more interesting?  Maybe not.  I mean, Mummy spent most of Saturday afternoon at the Derwent Entertainment Centre where she 'worked' for two hourse, supervising the miniature museum on display.  Just so that you get an idea of what some of the displays in miniature museum looks like and what other goodies there were at the exhibition, here is a collage of Mummy saw on Saturday:

Posted by Picasa
On Sunday Mummy and I went with The Dad to Copping Tip to empty the trailer.  Mummy and I got dropped off just after we turned off and then walked on the gravel road to the tip where The Dad had already emptied the trailer.  This was a very different walk - everything smelt so 'wild and bushy' and my nose was working overtime trying to make sense of everything I was smelling.  A couple of times Mummy had to call me back when I started chasing after a movement in the trees!  Pity, I was testing my hunting skills.  Anyway, I got to take over most of the passenger seat in the ute on the way back and slept like a baby - poor Mummy was all scrunched up but at least I was calm on the way back (was not the case on the way there!).

Today was my first day at home with our nectarine tree lopped of all the huge branches and leaves - humans!!!  Very windy and coolish and Mummy is nagging The Dad to put up a roof in one section of my little garden so that I have cover for when the rain starts.  Knowing Mummy, The Dad better do it quickly or she will take matters into her own hands hee hee.  I will let you know how this construction goes!

Thank you for leaving me a message, Schwang - I love reading them and hearing from people all over the world!

Keep well, have a great week and God Bless.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Our Sunrises this week

Woof, woof

Wow, what a funny week this has been!  Visit to my doctor, Mummy wrapping my paw with bandages, wondering why Mummy runs outside with her camera before most people open their eyes in the morning, and then more ...

This Friday is more of a Show-&-Tell in picture format!  The first three photos are the sunrises we had on Monday, Wednesday and today, Friday!

Judge for yourself and then tell me that I am not living in the best place in the world!  These views are from our front door.

Monday, 15 March, around 7.30 am - looking East towards Lindisfarne

Wednesday, 17 March, around 8 am, same direction as above

Friday, 19 March, just after 8 am

Mum took these photos below from the staffroom at her work (Yeah, about time I go in for a visit again.  How about it, Mum??)
These two photos are looking out across the Derwent towards Bellerive on the Eastern Shore (Hello, Wally Sally!!!)  No wind, flat water, haziness from burn-off and a sailboat - excellent view, don't you agree!

And this was taken today, same place at work.  Mummy sure has the best place to work - very relaxing, interesting and peaceful when you look across the river.  Gets pretty interesting when large passenger liners come in or navy ships!  The heavens literally opened up to shine a ray of light down on us!

I believe Mummy bought some Woof fabric to make me my own quilt!  Just as well - we have winter approaching and need my own blankie!  Pity though, Mummy will probably not allow me to have it outside.  I will see if I can sneak Mummy's camera to take a pic of that and share it with you.  Will try to do that this weekend.

Not too sure why, but Mummy has also been receiving lots of parcels this week!?  I just hope that my quilt is at the top of the 'To Do' list!

Oh, Mummy is going to be 'working' and the Model Makers and Collectors Exhibition this Saturday.  I think she is going to have fun but not too much to remember me too!  We will not be doing our usual Saturday walk.  Sunday perhaps, Mummy?

Pleeeeeezzz Mummy!!!!

Have a good weekend each and every one.

MaxDog, just SOOOOO good to have heard from you again!  Hang in there, Buddy!  You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Take care and God Bless


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Visit to my Doctor ... and more

Woof, woof

Woo hoo, I am now current with all my jabs!  Mummy and I had an appointment with my doctor on Monday because I keep licking my paws (especially where I have white hair and nails) and it looked red and sore - not that it stopped me digging, running and do all other playful things!  But Mummy may have been more concerned than what I was and since she is my Pack Leader, I need to listen to her!

Was so excited when we entered the Vet because there were other puppies and other funny 'dogs' that seemed to stutter a lot.  Whenever I ventured too near to one of them in a cage, fffff.....fffff.....ffffff and then Mummy called me back to sit down.  And they also looked different to most of my kind.  Mummy called these 'dogs' cats!  Ah well, takes all kind I suppose.

Anyway, where was I?  Oh, at the Vet - my doctor was a tiny Asian doctor and Mummy was very, very careful that I kept 4-on-the-floor!  I would have really knocked this poor lady for a six, had I jumped on her!  She was just so impressed with my good behaviour and I received lots of treats when I sat quietly whilst she did the tear-drop test on my eyes.  I also received extra treats for not even noticing her giving me my injection.  You should have heard her cry with excitement when Mummy told me to give her 5 and I put my paw against her hand!  I must have been the best thing since sliced bread!!  Mummy had to smile when we came out of the examination room - all eyes were focussed in our direction!  I was the Mutt of the Moment then.

We could only go for a quick walk on the beach on Sunday morning because Mummy needed to do a bit of shopping.  We have a new 4X4 ute (well, not brand new but new to us) and I sat in the back of the double-cab.  I am not the type of dog to sit in the very back - my nerves cannot handle the separation and, besides, I need to check up on the driver too!  There were just so many beautiful girls on the beach to interact with!  Here, let me give you a quick review of us at 7 Mile Beach this past Sunday:

This is looking out over the wet stuff called sea.  Because it is so protected, there are NO big waves.

I have NO idea why Mummy took this picture but she kept looking at the pretty pictures created by the shells that washes up onto the beach - humans are strange!!

Racing up to socialise and introduce myself

Me chasing after big shells

Big pow-wow taking place here!

Phew, just looking at the photos have made me breathless!  Best I let Mummy catch up on some work again.

Thank you for visiting my little part of the world!

Take care and God Bless


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm still here!

Woof, Woof

I had a really, really great weekend!

I met a really nice young man on Saturday who joined Mummy and I for our bicycle ride / run along Seven Mile Beach.  His name is Alex and he is about my age.  What?  That is not possible?  Oh, sorry, I keep forgetting I am supposed to be a woof!  Well, maybe if I say that Alex and I are both starting into our teenage years - will you buy that?  No?  OK, OK - Alex is older than me.  Happy now?

We did not rider as far as Mummy and I normally do but I feel really, really bad because I ran in front of Alex and he had to jump off his bike to avoid hurting me.  Luckily, Alex rolled onto the sand and was not hurt.  My Mummy was not pleased with me but I was just so excited that I had a new friend to ride along the beach with, that I just forgot my manners for a moment.  Sorry, Alex!

Afterwards, Alex and I convinced Mummy that we needed some ice-cream and we stopped off at Constitution Docks in Hobart for this.  It was just oh, so yummy!  Mummy and I shared an ice-cream.  I was quite sad when Alex went home in the afternoon but Mummy said that if Alex likes joining us, he can come every Saturday!  Maybe he can teach me how to play fetch - well, actually, I know how to play fetch but the problem is that I need to learn how to drop things as well.  My excuse is that I am still a puppy and learning things - and I am sticking to my excuse.

I am getting to become a real big puppy now but I will be turning one year on the 3rd next month.  I am thinking of having a bit of a birthday party ....... mmmm, yes, need to think lots about this!

This is to you, Alex!  Gimme 5!!

And for those who do not know it yet, this is how you get into a yoghurt container to clean the bottom - do note, the ears need to be pulled back a bit to avoid getting messed up and your eyes need to be closed to enjoy the moment!