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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Visit to my Doctor ... and more

Woof, woof

Woo hoo, I am now current with all my jabs!  Mummy and I had an appointment with my doctor on Monday because I keep licking my paws (especially where I have white hair and nails) and it looked red and sore - not that it stopped me digging, running and do all other playful things!  But Mummy may have been more concerned than what I was and since she is my Pack Leader, I need to listen to her!

Was so excited when we entered the Vet because there were other puppies and other funny 'dogs' that seemed to stutter a lot.  Whenever I ventured too near to one of them in a cage, fffff.....fffff.....ffffff and then Mummy called me back to sit down.  And they also looked different to most of my kind.  Mummy called these 'dogs' cats!  Ah well, takes all kind I suppose.

Anyway, where was I?  Oh, at the Vet - my doctor was a tiny Asian doctor and Mummy was very, very careful that I kept 4-on-the-floor!  I would have really knocked this poor lady for a six, had I jumped on her!  She was just so impressed with my good behaviour and I received lots of treats when I sat quietly whilst she did the tear-drop test on my eyes.  I also received extra treats for not even noticing her giving me my injection.  You should have heard her cry with excitement when Mummy told me to give her 5 and I put my paw against her hand!  I must have been the best thing since sliced bread!!  Mummy had to smile when we came out of the examination room - all eyes were focussed in our direction!  I was the Mutt of the Moment then.

We could only go for a quick walk on the beach on Sunday morning because Mummy needed to do a bit of shopping.  We have a new 4X4 ute (well, not brand new but new to us) and I sat in the back of the double-cab.  I am not the type of dog to sit in the very back - my nerves cannot handle the separation and, besides, I need to check up on the driver too!  There were just so many beautiful girls on the beach to interact with!  Here, let me give you a quick review of us at 7 Mile Beach this past Sunday:

This is looking out over the wet stuff called sea.  Because it is so protected, there are NO big waves.

I have NO idea why Mummy took this picture but she kept looking at the pretty pictures created by the shells that washes up onto the beach - humans are strange!!

Racing up to socialise and introduce myself

Me chasing after big shells

Big pow-wow taking place here!

Phew, just looking at the photos have made me breathless!  Best I let Mummy catch up on some work again.

Thank you for visiting my little part of the world!

Take care and God Bless


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  1. We just found your blog. You are such a beautiful dog, and it looks like you get to have so much fun on the beach.