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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday - travelling

Woof, woof

After the walk and bath yesterday, I thought that I would spend the rest of the weekend at home.  I was gravely mistaken as Mummy and The Dad had other ideas.

Well, to start off with, Mummy found these small lizards lying in the morning sun when she was hanging up some washing - they allowed her near enough to get some photos.  The other one is a larger lizard and he (she?) was heating up and tucking the front legs in next to his (her?) torso.  Mummy oohed and aahed for a while!  The bigger lizard let Mummy get real close for the photo!

After hanging up the washing (and leaving the lizard to get on with lazying about in the sun), our next stop was Kentucky Fried Chicken.  We drove over to Cornelian Bay where I could stretch my legs whilst Mummy and The Dad could eat.  Mummy then went silly with the camera but after seeing the photos, I decided taking so many snapshots of me was OK.  Oh, by the way, see my new harness that I got!  Mummy can control me better with this (and lift me to face her when I don't listen - don't mess with Mummy!)

Further up the beach are a lot of shacks on the water that looked so pretty!  Decide for yourself.  Has a real summer holiday look.

And here is a view of our famous Tasman Bridge, seen from Cornelian Bay.
This bridge took 3 years 7 months to construct and was opened in December 1964.  Disaster struck in 1975 when Lake Illawarra, a bulk ore carrier, struck a pillar, that caused two pylons and three cement deckings to collapse, sadly with loss of life.  Two years of reconstruction later, the bridge reopened in 1977.

And here is a shot by Noodle Snacks ( of the Tasman bridge at night.

Then we went to the Station Nursery in New Town to look at some trees Mummy saw in a brochure, only to find out that they were not what she thought they were.  She is looking for a pink-leaved tree and was told it is called the Tree-of-Heaven but after Googling it, could not decide if it was the one she was looking for. 

Anyway, I got to go in with Mummy and The Dad when they went into the nursery and as they were walking through the shop to the back of the yard, The Dad slowed down and Mummy kicked her foot (only wearing slops) against the heel of his one shoe and, we think, broke her little toe.  I will not repeat the language I hear come out of my Mummy's mouth!  I never knew such words existed!  It is very swollen and dark blue, almost purple, and sore to walk on.  At first I thought it was ME that did something wrong!

Here is a picture (below) looking up Davey Street.  This is the main road coming into Hobart.  Macquarrie Street is the main road coming in from the Southern outlet and is to the right of us.  Constitution Docks is to the left of us and the city centre to the right of the big green tree ahead of us (on the other side of Macquarrie Street).  There was (at that stage) not a cloud in the sky although rain had been forecast for today.  It became overcast later in the afternoon.

From there The Dad took the road that goes up to Mount Wellington but he did not turn off, and we went on towards Huonville. 

Lovely nature smells along the winding road with stunning scenery too!  Lots of space to go crazy dog!

The Dad then went across to Margate and we ended up on a cul-de-sac with beautiful views.  I got to chew on the oyster shells lying around.  I tried to grab some of the crabs lying about too but Mummy just would have none of that.  I forgot to switch into stealth mode!

Thereafter we came home to the warm, inviting smell of the lamb roast that Mummy had put into the oven long before we left and had it idling along at a very low heat.  It came out perfect, even if I must say so myself!  Maybe I can have the bone later when the meat is gone - yum.

And that ended up to be our Sunday - a journey of approximately 80 kms.  I am now tired to the bone (no pun intended here hee hee) and stretched out on my blankie between Mummy and The Dad, in the study.  What a life!

Hope you all have a wonderful pre-Easter week and may the Easter-bunny hop by your address as well!

Keep well, and God Bless.


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