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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm still here!

Woof, Woof

I had a really, really great weekend!

I met a really nice young man on Saturday who joined Mummy and I for our bicycle ride / run along Seven Mile Beach.  His name is Alex and he is about my age.  What?  That is not possible?  Oh, sorry, I keep forgetting I am supposed to be a woof!  Well, maybe if I say that Alex and I are both starting into our teenage years - will you buy that?  No?  OK, OK - Alex is older than me.  Happy now?

We did not rider as far as Mummy and I normally do but I feel really, really bad because I ran in front of Alex and he had to jump off his bike to avoid hurting me.  Luckily, Alex rolled onto the sand and was not hurt.  My Mummy was not pleased with me but I was just so excited that I had a new friend to ride along the beach with, that I just forgot my manners for a moment.  Sorry, Alex!

Afterwards, Alex and I convinced Mummy that we needed some ice-cream and we stopped off at Constitution Docks in Hobart for this.  It was just oh, so yummy!  Mummy and I shared an ice-cream.  I was quite sad when Alex went home in the afternoon but Mummy said that if Alex likes joining us, he can come every Saturday!  Maybe he can teach me how to play fetch - well, actually, I know how to play fetch but the problem is that I need to learn how to drop things as well.  My excuse is that I am still a puppy and learning things - and I am sticking to my excuse.

I am getting to become a real big puppy now but I will be turning one year on the 3rd next month.  I am thinking of having a bit of a birthday party ....... mmmm, yes, need to think lots about this!

This is to you, Alex!  Gimme 5!!

And for those who do not know it yet, this is how you get into a yoghurt container to clean the bottom - do note, the ears need to be pulled back a bit to avoid getting messed up and your eyes need to be closed to enjoy the moment!


  1. Hey there Paxton
    Nice to see you back and oh how you have grown!Before I blink my eye you will be an old man like me. I always knew you'd turn into a good man-catcher doggie! Well done big boy! :)

  2. Hahahhhahhahha that was good fun that day