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Monday, March 22, 2010

A New Week

Woof, woof
Miniatures, steam engines, remote control planes and boats - what is so great about that?  Do humans not know that running on the beach, going crazy dog in the grass or playing in the park is just so much more interesting?  Maybe not.  I mean, Mummy spent most of Saturday afternoon at the Derwent Entertainment Centre where she 'worked' for two hourse, supervising the miniature museum on display.  Just so that you get an idea of what some of the displays in miniature museum looks like and what other goodies there were at the exhibition, here is a collage of Mummy saw on Saturday:

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On Sunday Mummy and I went with The Dad to Copping Tip to empty the trailer.  Mummy and I got dropped off just after we turned off and then walked on the gravel road to the tip where The Dad had already emptied the trailer.  This was a very different walk - everything smelt so 'wild and bushy' and my nose was working overtime trying to make sense of everything I was smelling.  A couple of times Mummy had to call me back when I started chasing after a movement in the trees!  Pity, I was testing my hunting skills.  Anyway, I got to take over most of the passenger seat in the ute on the way back and slept like a baby - poor Mummy was all scrunched up but at least I was calm on the way back (was not the case on the way there!).

Today was my first day at home with our nectarine tree lopped of all the huge branches and leaves - humans!!!  Very windy and coolish and Mummy is nagging The Dad to put up a roof in one section of my little garden so that I have cover for when the rain starts.  Knowing Mummy, The Dad better do it quickly or she will take matters into her own hands hee hee.  I will let you know how this construction goes!

Thank you for leaving me a message, Schwang - I love reading them and hearing from people all over the world!

Keep well, have a great week and God Bless.



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