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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back on Seven Mile Beach again!

Woof, woof

My weekend started off great!  Shortly after getting up on Saturday, Mummy put on my harness and off we went to Seven Mile Beach (SMB) in the ute, BUT, I got to ride with Mummy in the back seat in the cab area (Mummy said that it was too cold in the canopy area).  Was nice to lie down on soft seats!

We stopped off at Cambridge Park (a newish business park near the Hobart airport) and I was taken into the petshop with Mummy to get me a tin of breakfast (I did not want to eat before we left).  I also get a packet of chicken yerkee, some paw lotion (to condition the soles of my paws), a two-headed toothbrush (doggie one) and some chicken flavoured toothpaste.  When we got to SMB, I was handfed by Mummy and only ate just over half the tin.  I could not eat more and was just so excited to BE there!

The photo on the left was taken from the pathway leading down towards the beach and the photo on the right, looking back along the beach where we had just walked from (see the trees on the far right, well, we walked from about 400 m further up the beach.

I think the tide may have been going out from high-tide as the water was fairly up onto the beach.  There were loads of stinky, smelly, dead red-bait that had washed up and I was, oh, so into playing tag with these!  Mummy had her hands full trying to draw my attention away from this - and it worked every time (I may add).  When I decided to run into the water, WOOF!, what a shock I got.  It is pretty cold out there!  What happened to the warmish water that I used to run and play in??

This is me running into the water (photo left), all happy and excited; and this is me beating a hasty retreat from the cold stuff (photo right).  You can even see on my face that I got a nasty shock!

I socialised with some other woofs and nice people along the beach.  When we turned back, we walked through the pine plantation that backs onto the beach.  Luckily we did because Mummy heard some horses running down on the beach (what is a horse??) and I may have caused some shock waves, had we been there.

Here I come running back to Mummy after chasing after the lady running on the beach.  Mummy was not impressed with my disobedience!

I love walking in a forest and was going crazy dog in the pine forest (well, it is more a baby pine forest).  It felt so good to be out there again!  I now only have eyes for my Mummy again.  It was a wonderful day!

That's me bouncing away up ahead.  The beach is just to the left of the dune.  The photo on the right is a scene of many dead pine trees - is this where pine cones go when they die?

Aha, so this is what you call a pine cone!  Funny looking things!

Got home and Mummy and I relaxed - don't know why, but I would not let Mummy out of my sight!  No matter where she sat down, I was there, staring into her eyes (I think I may have made her worried by my actions??) and not moving or wagging a tail!

We fell into bed just after midnight (although we had cat-napped in the lounge in front of the TV). 

Great Day!  Thank you, Mummy!

Keep well, and God Bless. Woof

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tis another working week

Woof, woof

Not really much to report back on, I must say.  Saturday I spent home alone because Mummy went off on one of her quilty-doing-thingies!  The Dad was working, as usual, and that left moi trying to keep busy all by myself - again; sixth day in a row!!

When Mummy got home, The Dad was home already, but I just NEED to see, feel and hear my Mummy come home before I can totally relax.  Sure, I worry about The Dad but, well, ah gee wiz, umm, grrrrr - you see, he is not Mummy.  Do you know what I mean?  The Dad is important but I am a Mummy's Boy!

We went out to the shops to buy our winning lotto tickets (fingers and paws crossed - again) and then I got taken to a nearby park for some crazy dog running (in the dark).  I was not too impressed when I was called back into the back of the ute!  On the way home, The Dad dropped Mummy and me off about two kilometers from home and we walked the rest of the way.  That was good too.

Not too sure what Mummy keeps doing sitting behind her computer and typing away, hour after hour in the week and over weekends!  She says it is called studying but, Hello, what about my walks!?  Anyway, not to upset Mummy too much when she gets to reading my blog, I eventually convinced her that we neeeeeeded to go for a walk in the woods behind our hill.  Phew, did I need that walk!  We walked for quite some time and eventually had to come back home - almost six inches taller than when we left due to the mud - or should I bark clay!  We live in an area that loads of clay and digging is a pleasure for me but not when Mummy want to do planting!

My sister, Georgie (the Galah), is a real cheekie little thing but I often get the better of her, especially when she is sitting on The Dad's shoulder and he is on his knees playing with me.  I get my nose in underneath her tail feathers and just flick her off his shoulder.  Obviously, she feels that her dignity has been touched but who cares?  Me?  Uh-huh!  She really gives loud and angry squawks but I just ignore her.  I do try to play with her but Mummy and The Dad think that it may be detrimential to Georgie if they allow me to.  Pity hee hee.

Oh, and I have still not really noticed any grass coming up from the area that The Dad closed off in my play area.  Mummy let off steam this weekend because everything is muddy, wet and dirty since I have virtually no play area.  I cannot wait for that area to be opened up - woof, am I going to surprise The Dad and show him how nicely I can dig up green grass?? 

But here I am today, Monday, starting off another working week, sitting outside in the 12 degrees, trying to keep busy but dreaming of when Mummy comes up that driveway!  I just have a feeling that we may go for a quick walk this afternoon.  Mummy really feels guilty because of my small space!  Yippeeee me!
 Keep well, and God Bless. Woof

Friday, June 18, 2010

A New Template

Woof, woof

Just when I got used to my shades of blue, Mummy goes and changes it!  I must admit, I LOVE wood, especially if I can chew it to pieces! hee hee

Mummy will be busy with her quilty things again on Saturday and I can only hope that we get to go for a morning walk before she leaves!  The Dad has really cut big time into my play area by putting up a temporary fence in one section to get the grass growing again.  Woo hoo, more grass to dig up!  He just does not know that hee hee (don't tell him either!)  One problem, I get a really cooped up feeling but will ask Mummy to take a photo so that you can see I am not blowing things out of proportion!  And then Mummy has to finish her one assignment on Sunday, so, woooooooooe is me (again)! 

But I have my ways and means of getting Mummy to leave her things and give me attention.  Who can resist a sad looking puppy who rests his chin on your leg, arm, chair, or anywhere it will stay fixed, and look up at you with big brown eyes and drooping eyebrows?  Could you resist such a face?  Aha, I did not think so.  Neither can Mummy!!

Will let you know how my weekend went!

Keep well, and God Bless. Woof

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bundu Bashing on Sunday

Woof, woof

I finally convinced Mummy to take a break from her studies and get The Dad to join us for a walk into our mountain behind us.  Not too sure whether that was such a good idea!  The Dad decided to follow a wallaby trail that started off well but got tough going, the further into the bush we went.  All The Dad had with him was a small hedge trimmer (no, don't ask - I am not going there!). 

Here The Dad is snipping away at the bushes.

This is what we just came through

I went crazy dog like I always do with Mummy but this was thick forest with lots of broken trees and sticks!  I ended up with scratches underneath my left eye, two little holes in the top of my nose and skin off, scrapings on my legs and another scratch on the top of my head.  Mummy was beside herself!  She was not happy with The Dad for taking us into this thicket of bush. 

Once we got to the top, there were plenty of trees and open space but then going back, it was very, very steep and Mummy landed on her B-hind more often than not!  With scratches to her legs and arms, and dust on the back of her pants, Mummy finally made it back to the footpath at the bottom where we started!

This is the view from the top of the hill, looking back towards Hobart.

This is looking out over the Derwent towards the Bowen bridge.

And how is this for branches on a tree.  It looked like arrows going into a leg (or so Mummy recons - humans????)

And I love my Mummy much, much more lately.  She has been letting me sleep next to her on the floor in the bedroom (in my own bed, thank you) because she says it is too cold for me outside!  Yipeee, way to go, Mummy!!  The Dad just shakes his head.  Hey, who is the one shivering outside?  Me or The Dad?  Will he be happy to sleep in an open kennel, even with electric heating pads?  I don't think so ............................

Keep well, and God Bless. Woof

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sand, Sand, Sand

Woof, woof

Mummy got pretty busy early this morning cleaning the house (she hates Saturdays because she has to do housework when she feels like doing her quilty thingies) and I slept snug as a bug in my bed in the lounge.  I had moved from sleeping next to Mummy's side of the bed into the lounge (got to sleep inside last night - woo hoo).  The Dad had left for work and would be bring home a load of sand later on to finish filling up the front section of the garden.

When The Dad got home I was so happy because I could go and run around outside and dig in the sand, helping him move the sand - OK, I did not actually move the sand to where The Dad was moving it - I was levelling it, sort of.

Finally, got that section levelled off!  Makes for nice digging!

Digging is thirsty work and I totally love drinking water from a running tap -tastes sooo good.

When The Dad and his mate brought the large truck up our short driveway to dump the sand, I made sure to stay at the top of the stairs with Mummy!  That is one helluva large moving thing, Ma!

Maybe we can go walking some more tomorrow as well!

Paws crossed that I can sleep inside again tonight - it is pretty chilly out there, you know!

Keep well, and God Bless. Woof