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Monday, June 21, 2010

Tis another working week

Woof, woof

Not really much to report back on, I must say.  Saturday I spent home alone because Mummy went off on one of her quilty-doing-thingies!  The Dad was working, as usual, and that left moi trying to keep busy all by myself - again; sixth day in a row!!

When Mummy got home, The Dad was home already, but I just NEED to see, feel and hear my Mummy come home before I can totally relax.  Sure, I worry about The Dad but, well, ah gee wiz, umm, grrrrr - you see, he is not Mummy.  Do you know what I mean?  The Dad is important but I am a Mummy's Boy!

We went out to the shops to buy our winning lotto tickets (fingers and paws crossed - again) and then I got taken to a nearby park for some crazy dog running (in the dark).  I was not too impressed when I was called back into the back of the ute!  On the way home, The Dad dropped Mummy and me off about two kilometers from home and we walked the rest of the way.  That was good too.

Not too sure what Mummy keeps doing sitting behind her computer and typing away, hour after hour in the week and over weekends!  She says it is called studying but, Hello, what about my walks!?  Anyway, not to upset Mummy too much when she gets to reading my blog, I eventually convinced her that we neeeeeeded to go for a walk in the woods behind our hill.  Phew, did I need that walk!  We walked for quite some time and eventually had to come back home - almost six inches taller than when we left due to the mud - or should I bark clay!  We live in an area that loads of clay and digging is a pleasure for me but not when Mummy want to do planting!

My sister, Georgie (the Galah), is a real cheekie little thing but I often get the better of her, especially when she is sitting on The Dad's shoulder and he is on his knees playing with me.  I get my nose in underneath her tail feathers and just flick her off his shoulder.  Obviously, she feels that her dignity has been touched but who cares?  Me?  Uh-huh!  She really gives loud and angry squawks but I just ignore her.  I do try to play with her but Mummy and The Dad think that it may be detrimential to Georgie if they allow me to.  Pity hee hee.

Oh, and I have still not really noticed any grass coming up from the area that The Dad closed off in my play area.  Mummy let off steam this weekend because everything is muddy, wet and dirty since I have virtually no play area.  I cannot wait for that area to be opened up - woof, am I going to surprise The Dad and show him how nicely I can dig up green grass?? 

But here I am today, Monday, starting off another working week, sitting outside in the 12 degrees, trying to keep busy but dreaming of when Mummy comes up that driveway!  I just have a feeling that we may go for a quick walk this afternoon.  Mummy really feels guilty because of my small space!  Yippeeee me!
 Keep well, and God Bless. Woof

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