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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back on Seven Mile Beach again!

Woof, woof

My weekend started off great!  Shortly after getting up on Saturday, Mummy put on my harness and off we went to Seven Mile Beach (SMB) in the ute, BUT, I got to ride with Mummy in the back seat in the cab area (Mummy said that it was too cold in the canopy area).  Was nice to lie down on soft seats!

We stopped off at Cambridge Park (a newish business park near the Hobart airport) and I was taken into the petshop with Mummy to get me a tin of breakfast (I did not want to eat before we left).  I also get a packet of chicken yerkee, some paw lotion (to condition the soles of my paws), a two-headed toothbrush (doggie one) and some chicken flavoured toothpaste.  When we got to SMB, I was handfed by Mummy and only ate just over half the tin.  I could not eat more and was just so excited to BE there!

The photo on the left was taken from the pathway leading down towards the beach and the photo on the right, looking back along the beach where we had just walked from (see the trees on the far right, well, we walked from about 400 m further up the beach.

I think the tide may have been going out from high-tide as the water was fairly up onto the beach.  There were loads of stinky, smelly, dead red-bait that had washed up and I was, oh, so into playing tag with these!  Mummy had her hands full trying to draw my attention away from this - and it worked every time (I may add).  When I decided to run into the water, WOOF!, what a shock I got.  It is pretty cold out there!  What happened to the warmish water that I used to run and play in??

This is me running into the water (photo left), all happy and excited; and this is me beating a hasty retreat from the cold stuff (photo right).  You can even see on my face that I got a nasty shock!

I socialised with some other woofs and nice people along the beach.  When we turned back, we walked through the pine plantation that backs onto the beach.  Luckily we did because Mummy heard some horses running down on the beach (what is a horse??) and I may have caused some shock waves, had we been there.

Here I come running back to Mummy after chasing after the lady running on the beach.  Mummy was not impressed with my disobedience!

I love walking in a forest and was going crazy dog in the pine forest (well, it is more a baby pine forest).  It felt so good to be out there again!  I now only have eyes for my Mummy again.  It was a wonderful day!

That's me bouncing away up ahead.  The beach is just to the left of the dune.  The photo on the right is a scene of many dead pine trees - is this where pine cones go when they die?

Aha, so this is what you call a pine cone!  Funny looking things!

Got home and Mummy and I relaxed - don't know why, but I would not let Mummy out of my sight!  No matter where she sat down, I was there, staring into her eyes (I think I may have made her worried by my actions??) and not moving or wagging a tail!

We fell into bed just after midnight (although we had cat-napped in the lounge in front of the TV). 

Great Day!  Thank you, Mummy!

Keep well, and God Bless. Woof

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