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Friday, June 18, 2010

A New Template

Woof, woof

Just when I got used to my shades of blue, Mummy goes and changes it!  I must admit, I LOVE wood, especially if I can chew it to pieces! hee hee

Mummy will be busy with her quilty things again on Saturday and I can only hope that we get to go for a morning walk before she leaves!  The Dad has really cut big time into my play area by putting up a temporary fence in one section to get the grass growing again.  Woo hoo, more grass to dig up!  He just does not know that hee hee (don't tell him either!)  One problem, I get a really cooped up feeling but will ask Mummy to take a photo so that you can see I am not blowing things out of proportion!  And then Mummy has to finish her one assignment on Sunday, so, woooooooooe is me (again)! 

But I have my ways and means of getting Mummy to leave her things and give me attention.  Who can resist a sad looking puppy who rests his chin on your leg, arm, chair, or anywhere it will stay fixed, and look up at you with big brown eyes and drooping eyebrows?  Could you resist such a face?  Aha, I did not think so.  Neither can Mummy!!

Will let you know how my weekend went!

Keep well, and God Bless. Woof

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