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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bundu Bashing on Sunday

Woof, woof

I finally convinced Mummy to take a break from her studies and get The Dad to join us for a walk into our mountain behind us.  Not too sure whether that was such a good idea!  The Dad decided to follow a wallaby trail that started off well but got tough going, the further into the bush we went.  All The Dad had with him was a small hedge trimmer (no, don't ask - I am not going there!). 

Here The Dad is snipping away at the bushes.

This is what we just came through

I went crazy dog like I always do with Mummy but this was thick forest with lots of broken trees and sticks!  I ended up with scratches underneath my left eye, two little holes in the top of my nose and skin off, scrapings on my legs and another scratch on the top of my head.  Mummy was beside herself!  She was not happy with The Dad for taking us into this thicket of bush. 

Once we got to the top, there were plenty of trees and open space but then going back, it was very, very steep and Mummy landed on her B-hind more often than not!  With scratches to her legs and arms, and dust on the back of her pants, Mummy finally made it back to the footpath at the bottom where we started!

This is the view from the top of the hill, looking back towards Hobart.

This is looking out over the Derwent towards the Bowen bridge.

And how is this for branches on a tree.  It looked like arrows going into a leg (or so Mummy recons - humans????)

And I love my Mummy much, much more lately.  She has been letting me sleep next to her on the floor in the bedroom (in my own bed, thank you) because she says it is too cold for me outside!  Yipeee, way to go, Mummy!!  The Dad just shakes his head.  Hey, who is the one shivering outside?  Me or The Dad?  Will he be happy to sleep in an open kennel, even with electric heating pads?  I don't think so ............................

Keep well, and God Bless. Woof


  1. The photos are worth the walk Paxton!

    I'm so happy you are warm at night! It's cold out there!


  2. I love seeing where you live. Thanks for sharing these photos.