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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sand, Sand, Sand

Woof, woof

Mummy got pretty busy early this morning cleaning the house (she hates Saturdays because she has to do housework when she feels like doing her quilty thingies) and I slept snug as a bug in my bed in the lounge.  I had moved from sleeping next to Mummy's side of the bed into the lounge (got to sleep inside last night - woo hoo).  The Dad had left for work and would be bring home a load of sand later on to finish filling up the front section of the garden.

When The Dad got home I was so happy because I could go and run around outside and dig in the sand, helping him move the sand - OK, I did not actually move the sand to where The Dad was moving it - I was levelling it, sort of.

Finally, got that section levelled off!  Makes for nice digging!

Digging is thirsty work and I totally love drinking water from a running tap -tastes sooo good.

When The Dad and his mate brought the large truck up our short driveway to dump the sand, I made sure to stay at the top of the stairs with Mummy!  That is one helluva large moving thing, Ma!

Maybe we can go walking some more tomorrow as well!

Paws crossed that I can sleep inside again tonight - it is pretty chilly out there, you know!

Keep well, and God Bless. Woof

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