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Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Went Walkies!!!!

Woof, woof

I did it!  I did it!

Besides trying to finish some sewing, Mummy also got stuck into doing some filing of accounts, etc.  I thought: "Paxton, my Boy, you will need to be very clever to get Mummy away from all of this now!"  So, I did my usual 'Look at me Ma' trick.  I just layed my head on Mummy's leg, then her arm, then her foot, then the chair - in fact, I even ended up laying my head on The Dad too!

Eventually it worked - maybe not quite as I wanted it to, but still, it worked.  The Dad and I went for walkies along Cornelia Bay whilst Mummy finished up with her filing.  She also had a little machine - OK, maybe not THAT little - called a shredder.  This is real neat.  Mummy puts paper in through a slit and it disappears!!  This machine makes a loud humming noise that really caught my attention!  Anyway, once The Dad said that he would take me walkies, I lost interest in this little machine and told Mummy that she could play with it while I go walkies.

The Dad then took me for a bath (bit, I might add) but I needed to get the seawater off of me.

Now I am a clean boy again!

Thank you, The Dad!

Keep well, and God Bless.

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