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Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mummy's Day

Woof, woof

I woke up this morning with the sound of the washing machine going, Mummy's fingers on the keyboard at the computer and my sister, Georgie (she is a Galah) whewing loudly.  This is her usual way of calling The Dad but he is the last one to listen to her.  Normally Mummy will go and give her a scratch or a chat (she is not into cuddling - silly girl).  By this time, The Dad had also gotten up and was looking on the internet how he can eliminate the thud-sound the water in the pipes make when a tap is closed.

The next thought that entered my mind was: why is Mummy working on her own special day?  Why is The Dad not taking over and doing things for her?  I believe he did walk past her and say: Happy Mothers' Day - and that was it!!  I know The Dad does not have any human children of his own, but, hey, what about Georgie and me??  Do we not count for him?  I think I heard Mummy mutter something like: "...... only one in his world ...." or something like that!

Mummy had a beautiful sunrise greet her and this is what Mother Nature gave her for Mothers' Day:

It is such a bright photo and this is what she saw as she came out of our front door!  The trees in the background on the hill looks like very short hair standing up!  I do not always appreciate these photos because my nose does not smell that far; sorry!

This is me relaxing on top of The Dad.  Mummy says that I am becoming just a bit too heavy for her; pity, I love lying with Mummy too.

Mummy had an extremely busy week gone by and we only managed to go out for a quick walk on Wednesday.  I know Mummy wanted to go out first up this morning but then got stuck into the washing.  Yesterday was also an all-day-at-home day for me (woe is me again) because Mummy went up to Agfest (agricultural festival) near Launceston (OK, near-ish) and, I believe, had a very relaxing day walking around the various interesting stalls.  I can tell you one thing - she probably got stuck at the crafts' stalls and if there were any quilty-thingies, I know that she would have lingered there for a veeeeerrryyyyy long time!

It seems like it is the small things in life that makes my Mummy happy - like me (OK, I know, I'm not that small anymore ....)

But to all the other Mummies out there - Happy Mother's Day

Keep well, and God Bless. Woof

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