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Thursday, May 27, 2010

One day nearer to the Weekend!!

Woof, woof

And we awoke to another misty hill covering this morning when looking out of our front door.  Makes me go brrrr but Mummy always seems to have a smile on her face - Nice!  Nice??  Are you nuts, Mummy?  That fluffy stuff is wet and cold and anything BUT nice.  Then again, I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Well, Mummy can behold and keep it.  I will take to my warm and soft bed inside where it is snug as toast.

Update on my shoulder - all back to normal now.  Tableting done too.  I have discovered that I do not get egged on to chase the possums either.  Humans learnt a lesson?

Mummy spoke to my human sister back in South Africa last night and B A N G - the relationship is shot again for a while!  My human sister do not seem to be able to have anybody give criticism on their doings - whether constructive or destructive and Mummy (the wOrrier) tends to over-stress concerns when she hears things are not as it should be.  When will she learn?  I suppose when you care too much for somebody this is the ultimate outcome, yes?  I know that Mummy was pretty upset last night and The Dad put me outside to bed.  What do humans do when they couldn't care?  Do they still talk to each other or do they just stay away and avoid contact?  Why are humans so complicated?  Hey, Man, lighten up and get into the 'NOW'.  Just look at us canines - we do not even know what a grudge is, even if the puppy next door almost ripped your leg off (what 'memories' we are left with is, again, how humans handle the moment then and immediately afterwards - we have no reasoning)!!  That is being in the 'NOW'.

I am at home again today after enjoying another day with Mummy at work.  Oh, I so love meeting and socialising with humans. Mummy and I stopped off at Cornelia Bay again on the way home last night and had our half-hour walk.  Love going there too but I sure miss our walks in the woods.  Then I truly am a free and crazy puppy - there is just something about crashing through tall grasses!  Don't worry, humans will not understand this - it is a canine thing.

Better get off my 'telepathic line' to Mummy and let her get on with work.  Hopefully she is more calm when she comes home from work - maybe a quick walk in the woods?  Pleeeze, Mummy, just think about it, will you?

Keep well, and God Bless. Woof

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