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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Almost Mid-Week

Woof, woof

What a busy time I have just endured!!  Mummy coming home late from work most of last week.  I think we only managed a quick walk once during the week!  Saturday was no better but Sunday arrived and we did go out!

The Dad and Mummy took me to Cornelia Bay where I could socialise with some four-legged friends although, I am hesitant to admit, caused Mummy some stress with me being over-excited about being out and about.  Anybody who knows Mummy will also know that she stresses quite easily and because of wanting to make sure I am 100% well-behaved when we go out, my excitement got the better of me (and Mummy) and had her holding on to my leash when a smaller yapper tried to run circles around me.  Needless to say, I got over-excited and The Dad did not help at all because he kept on giving Mummy 'advise' (bad, bad move there!!).  Afterwards I was taken to the Dog Wash and got a nice warm bath and blow dry.

Sunday evening I ended up chasing the possums from my back garden and, besides almost ripping of my dewclaw (new word for Mummy!), I also over-extended my right shoulder joint that resulted in me being a very, very 'sorry-for-myself' puppy.  BUT, big BUT, I got to sleep next to Mummy in my bed that night (hee hee).  Mummy took me to my Dr the next morning and I am now on anti-inflamatory tablets for a few days.  Mummy was so concerned, she was toying with the idea of taking me to work with her (yipee!!) but decided against it (aaaahh!).  When Mummy got home last night - I was A1 OK!  I may be a souk but I am not a sissy!

Nothing exciting to report on further - pity, but I wish I could.  Mummy is not going to take leave over the school holidays either!  (Not that I would know the difference anyway - but still!)

Hope we can have a quick walk after work this evening - I know that Mummy wants to keep my shoulder mobile so maybe I am in luck.

Better let Mummy get on with her work so that she is not kept late again today.  Will keep you updated.

Keep well, and God Bless. Woof


  1. I understand; we also stress when our pooches get super-excited. Did you catch the possum?

  2. Alas, no! However, heaven knows what I would have had to do with that animal if I did!! Now I am not allowed to run crazy along the back fence - and I was so enjoying it too.

  3. Aunty Lorraine22 May, 2010 05:48

    My! what a handsome young fella you have grown into Paxton. I see you have your Mommy wrapped around your little paddy-paws!!!