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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Morning

Woof, woof

Got to sleep in my own bed next to the side of Mummy last night.  The Dad put my bed there and let me stay in.  Mummy was busy on the computer until something to two this morning!  Both The Dad and I were snoring - The Dad had even taken over Mummy's side of the bed and she was NOT happy about that! 

Yesterday I was pretty much by myself for most of the day.  Mummy was trying to hunt down some thread, only to find out the patchwork shop had closed down!!  Now Mummy is searching via the internet for this thread.  She found a place in Perth WA - hopefully there is some luck for her.

It is a very hazy and crisp morning, this Sunday.  We may be going out somewhere for a drive (paws crossed).  Both Mummy and The Dad are currently busy on their computers.  Also, Mummy has the last of the washing going and this will have to be tumble dried because it may just rain later (the weatherman has been wrong quite a bit lately; sunny, and it was overcast; dry, and it rained - see what I mean?).

I better 'release' Mummy so that she can move to her sewing room.

Keep well, and God Bless.

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