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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tolosa Park Walk

Woof, woof

Not too sure whether I was hoodwinked by Mummy today because - yes, I did go for walkies  - but it was not quite what I expected!

Got all excited when Mummy mentioned 'walkies' early this morning!  The Dad went off to work and Mummy had to take the 4X4 in for wheel alignment.  I was invited to go with and hesitated because this was NOT walkies!  Evenutally I got into the back but I told Mummy in no uncertain looks that I was not impressed with her plans.

Oh, by the way, Mummy bought me a new harness - one that fits under my chest and ties around my neck and back.  I am still trying to figure out whether I like this or not.

Anyway, we dropped the vehicle off at the garage and hit the pavement (no, not literally - figuratively speaking, silly).  Mummy told the guy that we would give him about an hour, and off we went.  Look, I love walking and take any opportunity to get away from the house but I am not too happy with suburban walking - I am on a leash and I love to go crazy dog and run all over the place.  I also know that when I am on a leash, Mummy keeps reprimanding me for pulling her and then she tries Cesar Millan techniques on me!  I listen for a while, then pull ahead again.  The smells that greet me are like magnets - they pull me forward.  Not my fault Mummy cannot keep up!

We got back just in time as they finished the vehicle and then drove to McDonalds for a coffee for Mummy.  She wanted a chocolate dougnut but because I am not allowed to eat chocolate, she got a strawberry one.  This is a rare treat for me as Mummy very seldom lets me eat junk food!  I did not have coffee but there was a tap and I drank lots of water!  I looooooove water.

After leaving McDonalds, Mummy went to the car wash place, only to stop outside the doggy wash area!  I was fooled by this and actually climbed up into the bath area!  Got a surprise when the water came on but I must admit, the puppy barking across the road caught my attention and I almost (note - ALMOST) forgot about me being bathed until the hairdrier was put on!  Man, it makes a noise and I do not like the wind near my face.  But I felt 100% afterwards - sparkling clean and fresh.  Hee hee, there was another two puppies that were also going to be bathed and I noticed that the one casually jumped up into the bath area as well.  I know what HE is in for.

Afterwards we drove up to Tolosa Park so that we could go for a walk in the bush (I know - bath, walk in bush - does not make sense, eh?).  Tolosa Park is near Glenorchy, a suburb of Hobart, where there are various bicycle tracks and footpaths in the forest area.  First time we went there.  We did not go very far because Mummy is too scared to walk alone in the forest!  I would have protected her - if danger came our way, all she had to do was hold onto the leash and I would have removed us both very fast!  I have four legs whereas she only has two!  Mmmmm, maybe I should think this one through again .....

We then went home and I was put into the back garden (home alone again on a Saturday afternoon) and Mummy went to her miniature club meeting down in Kingston (south of Hobart).

The Dad came home shortly afterwards - and I got excited - but was sadly disappointed when he took the 4X4, left his work vehicle, and went back to work to service the 4X4.  Bloomen cheeck if you ask me - he could have taken me with!  Need to speak to him about this later this evening.

Right now I am lying on my blankie next to Mummy on the floor in the study, dictating my message to you.  I am dog tired after all this walkies today and running around in puppy dreamland with my legs jerking!  Must be a wallaby I am after!  Ahhh, there goes a possum.  Now if I can just pick up speed ........

Keep well, and God Bless.


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