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Saturday, April 3, 2010

One Year Old Today!

Woof, woof

Happy Birthday to me!  I am one year old today.  It is cool outside and inside (doors are open so that I can go in and out when I need to) and I am shivering!  If you look at the clock behind me, you will see that it is only 16 degrees inside the house and although that is not normally very cold, with it being overcast and the open doors, it feels like 6 degrees!

Oh sooooooo cold

I do not like the kibble Mummy bought me this month and avoid eating this (which obviously means that I cannot keep myself warm as there is no fuel to burn - that is what Mummy reasons anyway).  SO - Mummy will be off to Woolies soon to replenish my favourite polony-type food that gets added to my kibble.  Spoilt you say?  Mmmmmmm, that is debatable!

Mummy and I went for a lovely walk along Cornelia Bay yesterday afternoon and I ended up playing in the water as well.  That resulted in Mummy taking me to the Dog Wash and, silly me, I just jumped onto the mat in the bathing area!  It was only when Mummy closed the door behind me that I realised I was conned .... again!  A wash, rinse, condition and hairdry later, and we were on our way home!  I feel great when I am all clean and my fur soft!  I socialised over and over along my walk and 'caught' two runaway puppies.  Well, OK, they were so excited to meet me that they stopped dead in their tracks and Mummy got hold of their leashes - their poor owner came huffing and puffing up to us a short time later!  At least I listen most of the time when Mummy calls 'SIDE'.  I have noticed that her voice goes ver high and sounds so excited that most of the time I tend to leave whatever I am doing and run back to her.  I then get a big hug and huge 'Good Boy!!'  which makes me feel SO proud of myself.

To my Christian families and friends - a Blessed and Peaceful Easter!

Keep well, and God Bless.


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  1. You seem quite mature and calm for only being a one year old dog. Now that you've been tricked, do you think you'll catch on for the next bath caper?