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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Great Weather at last!

Woof, woof

At last - the Tasmanian weather is back to what one is more used to. It is apparently going to be 19 degrees C today and that is great!

And where did I end up lying last night?  Yip, Mummy ended up working on her new quilt and I laid down next to her.  I need to know where she is when she is home or else I start looking all over for her.  I do not like Mummy going to work - prefer it when she is on holidays and also over weekends.  She is here with me.  Yes, I do enjoy having The Dad around too as he can play rougher than Mummy can but he is only The Dad.  Every puppy needs a Mummy that loves and spoils them!  I got so excited last night and in my playing, I nipped The Dad's arm.  He was not impressed with me and I showed him that I was really, really sorry about that.  He forgave me.  I think maybe more toys need to be around when we play so that I can grab onto something when I get overly excited!

Anyway, I am Home Alone today again and now just wait for Mummy's car to come up the road - I start looking out from around 3.30 every afternoon (that is according to Nan from her visit in October) and when her car pulls into the driveway, I welcome her with the best yowl I can let out.  If she takes too long in the garage, I let her know that I am still here!  My welcome grin is greatly improving too - both sides of my lips pull up in a grin now.  Mummy absolutely loves it and kisses me until I am almost broken but I love that too, especially the little kisses she gives me in the soft areas above each eye!

I better let Mummy get on with her work.

Until later, keep well and God Bless

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