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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What to do, what to do?

Woof, woof

I spent Tuesday with Mummy at the office and got to socialise with oh, so many people!  Somehow I must admit, lying down next to Mummy in her office compared to at home, it is just not the same.  I mean, at work there are so many distractions - people walking past, noises, sounds - and all there to attract my attention!  Mummy somehow does not seem to get that and thinks that I should behave like puppies do on TV programs.  Hello???  Like, we're living a reality and I am not a trained puppy actor.

Anyway, the day went off well.  I got to run around on the grass pitch - and I just love running around without a leash; I got to be cuddled, massaged and rubbed by almost everyone I encountered.  Justin, one of Mummy's colleages, is always so nice to me when I visit.  We rough-play every time we meet.  I wish he would bring his puppy with too.  We would have such a great time!

Unfortunately, I was very clumsy in the morning when I jumped up to say hello to Wally - I bumped her arm holding her cuppa and she spilt some onto her one sleeve.  Luckily for me she forgave me and my tail could wag proudly again.  Talking about my tail.  Mummy does not know, but that is my secret weapon (and even I get attacked by it)!  My tail is made of an indestructible substance and is very solid.  When it hits you, you know about it - and when I am excited and you get knocked, especially when you are bending down towards me and it accidentally knocks your face, you know you've been whipped.  Not that I mean to hurt anybody - no, not at all!  I just cannot help being such a strong boy.

I was very happy to get home again after work and could relax in the freedom of my sanctuary.  With Mummy working on her quilt, I find I need to bother her more now as she gets totally lost in her own world once she enters her sewing room.  I would walk in quietly, lay my head on her lap and stare lovingly at her - she eventually stops what she is doing to give me a couple of love-rubs, a good neck massage and a kiss above each eye.  That keeps me going for a short while until I miss her again.

Today, Wednesday, I will be at home for the day and can continue to dig up the beautiful green grass her and The Dad are trying to re-grow in my area.  Mummy keeps saying to concrete the area but The Dad says No.  I was, actually, trying to dig through to the opposite side of the world but they stopped me!  Pity, I was getting good at digging.

Hopefully, when Mummy gets home, I can go for a quick walk around the 'block' and up the hill behind us.  This is such a nice area to run crazy and be a silly dog.  When we get back, I get a proper brush down with my hair brush to get rid of the grasses that stick to my skin and, hopefully, any ticks that I may have picked up - but my weekly bath normally keeps me clean and shiny anyway.

I hope everybody out there is keeping well and staying healthy.  I try to keep The Dad healthy too by playing with him - every now and then he will go with on a walk but he does not like walking.

Oh, and my human brother in South Africa has proposed to his partner and they are hoping to get married end November.  Mummy is extremely exciting but sad because she will now miss his wedding as well (she missed my human sister's wedding).  His little girl will then be 1 year 3 months old at that time!  I have seen photos of her and she is as cute as all Mummy's other grandchildren (gosh, I am making my Mummy sound very old!).  I think I better stop while I am ahead.

Until we meet again, God Bless


Until we meet again - God Bless

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