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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Truth

Woof, Woof

First up: Happy New Year to each and everybody out there - late as it may be!
Well, what can I say about the long silence? I can always try to make excuses like "The Mom was busy" but I know nobody will believe such rubbish - and you will be correct.

BUT I think the penny may have finally dropped. I told Mummy that she does not have to make long and windy entries - just short bulletins will suffice. Hopefully she will prove to get more organised now!

So, what have we been up to during this long silence? Nan has left and gone back to Durban, South Africa (her visit is now but a loving memory). Christmas was a quiet but good event at home. The Sydney to Hobart yacht race was a highlight and the Taste festival was great. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to go with Mummy but The Dad bought a bicycle rack for his car and now Mummy takes her bicycle with when we go down to 7 Mile Beach. She cycles along the beach and I run beside her - just LOVE this. I also play with The Dad when things get thrown. I now love going into the water but will not go in too deep (you never know what is underneath).

Oh, and Mummy has started studying again. She is doing a Certificate in Business Administration and has already submitted her first assignment on New Year's day!

Thanks to Aunty Wally (Sally Westcott), Mummy is now in the throws of starting quilting too. She started her first quilting lesson on Tuesday, 5 January, and on Wednesday, 6 January, she finished quilting her first quilt. Saturday evening she finished sewing the border. On Friday, 8 January, Mummy attended another lesson and started on her second quilt. This one is a small lap quilt like her first one - it is one to fit her bed! She only noticed that it said 'Advanced' on Sunday!

Mummy is taking me to the Vet this afternoon. I have a cough and am not a happy puppy. Mummy is very worried about me and almost took me to work with her this morning too!

Sorry if I let anybody down with this lengthy silence. We will give it another go and see how Mummy copes. Humans!!!

Until next time

God Bless and take care

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  1. Please let us know how the vet trip goes - coughing can be minor or serious, and I'm hoping for the former. :)