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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

At Work with Mummy

Woof, woof

Got a lovely surprise this morning when Mummy left for work - she took me with her and Nan!! It has been such a long time since I last went to her work that it was a new experience all over again. Lots of the staff members at Mummy's work could not believe just how big I've grown since they last saw me. Andrew (he is an IT techie - no, not something edible!) could just say over and over: Wow! Wow! Wow!

Nan pulling at my Wabbit in Mum's office

Sally (she is the golfing quilter or is it a quilting golfer?) is one of my 'followers' and she was not impressed because I went over to say Hi to Sam (she works with Sally in the Science Lab) before greeting her. All I can say to Sally is - I always keep the best for last! (I hope she buys that!)

Nan is behaving and keeping herself busy with the hook rug (it is going to be mine when she is finished with it!!) It is nice to have Nan at work too. I am lying down by Nan on the opposite side of Mum's desk. She is sitting on a huge round blue ball and I am not liking that thing - it moves!! I am used to seeing Mummy sit on a chair like normal people.

Ah, I also got to meet the previous Principal of The Hutchins School today. He is also a woof-lover and I got lots of rubs and praise from him. He gave me some 'work' to do with Sally and Sam (because I am a good dog he said). There is a Forensic Science camp during the school holidays here at work and I got to stand with Sally and Sam to meet and greet the students arriving. It was cccooooooooold outside - luckily I had Sally's feet to sit on hee hee. It is just sooooo nice and warm inside Mummy's office with the heater on.

Last night at dog training classes it was only Diesel (a Husky) and I. It was a much better class because we had more personal training. I got to go through a small tunnel and it sure is fun! You get a treat at the end of the tunnel. I also walked over a rubber 'gate' with rungs lying down and then received more treats. I must say, Diesel does not appear to be a happy-go-lucky dog at all. He is forever marking everything, including Nan last week!! Although we were allowed to play, he tries to be the 'top dog' by growling, bumping and getting on top of me. He does not seem to know what socialising is about and anyway, my friend, Max, is the Top Dog - so Diesel cannot claim the title! Nevertheless, we had fun - or at least, I did!

I can now 'turn' on command too and this week we will be learning the 'bow'. Watch this space for updates on how I go.

I am going to go to morning tea with Mummy and Nan now, so I better greet you all if I want to go with.

Thinking of a big juicy bone

Take care and God Bless


  1. Hey there Paxton
    Yes, we have really Grown!!! Soon no one will be able to challenge you.
    Its wonderful that you guys are able to see so much of your Nan. She sounds like a wonderful person. It must take hours to make a rug for will have to give her lots of gratitudinal licks:)
    So, it's still winter where you are. Here the temperatures are soaring and the swimming pools occupied. I hope Spring is with you soon. Its a wonderful time of the year.
    Well enjoy all your dog training. It sounds like you are learning awesome stuff. I never learned to Bow...much to mom's disappointment. But I make up for it with other things.
    Take care and lots of licks

  2. Hi Paxton!
    My mom says sorry it took me so long to respond to your very nice comment, she was had a stomach virus and I had to take care of her.
    That is so cool that you get to go to work with your Mom! My mom worked at the V-E-T before she was sick, so I never wanted to go to work with her!
    And you know what? My mom did something called "study abroad" in Australia! She was in Queensland and she loved it! When she is healthy, she says we might move there if she get in to V-E-T school there!
    Mom also says thank you very much for the prayers!

    Tail wags,