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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Woof, woof
Where did the weekend go to? It felt like it was only Friday yesterday and it is now already Sunday evening. It feels like I got very little attention these past two days (but I made up for it, hee hee, will tell you later).
Mummy took Nan to Richmond yesterday and visited a number of shops, took a walk down to the Richmond bridge (oldest bridge in Australia still in use - built in 1823) and had something to eat too.

Nan outside the Richmond Bakery with her Coffee and pie.
Richmond Bridge (1823)
Mummy and Nan also visit the miniature town and although it was something different and pretty, I know Mummy will not go back again - I suppose once you humans have seen a thing you tend to not want to visit it unless it is unique??

An image of the 'old' Hobart at the miniature town

When they got back from Richmond, they fetched me and we went for a walk along the walkway near Rosetta High School. I must add, all this exercise is really getting my Nan into shape. She is not so breathless or tired any more! Way to go, Mummy!

On Sunday Mummy and Nan went through to Hobart and did a bit of craft shopping in Spotlight, then stopped off at the hardware store (Mitre 10) for some stain for The Dad. Whilst they went shopping, he sanded down a corner unit which he is going to paint and put into their room for Mummy to use as a dressing table - Mummy currently uses a collapsible tray-table as a dressing table for her goodies.

Then, when Mummy and Nan got back, they went off to the Hobart Botanical Gardens and spent the rest of the after noon there. Nan really enjoyed the beautiful flowers although Mummy pointed out that all the big trees that were so beautiful in November, covered with leaves and gave heaps of shade, now are only skeletons.

Nan admiring some of the orchids

NOW - to get to my story about making up for the fact that I got little attention - The Dad had done some washing of his work clothes and hung it up outside (in MY area) and left it outside when they left. Ugh-huh. Bad move, The Dad! I can reach, you know! Anyway, I kinda got bored being on my own and, after playing with all my other toys left out for me, decided that pulling down the washing was more fun - AND then dragging it all over the place. Mummy was NOT pleased when she saw this and I skedaddled off to the safety of The Dad (who had not seen my work yet!). He smiled when Mummy told him afterwards.
With the schools closed, Nan will be going in to work with Mummy, so I will be Home Alone again! Ah, well, I am sure that I will find something to do during the day!
Hope you all had a great weekend too and that your week is that way as well.
I trust all my friends are keeping well and maintaining good health. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Until we meet again, tails up and God Bless

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