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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Seeing the sun again

Woof, woof

My, Oh, My - after so many weeks of seemingly unstoppable rain and snow weather in Hobart, there was some sunshine yesterday and today, so far, another little bit shining through. What is a puppy supposed to do when the grass is wet, soggy and cold and you need to do your doodle? Ever seen a 15kg 5-month Pit Bull walk on his tippy toes? hee hee - I am pretty good at this, even if I must say so myself.

The Dad bought some sheep poo a while ago and put it out on the grass outside of 'my' enclosure BUT left the bag where I could get hold of the one corner. Great-guns!! Did I have a field day with this smelly but yummy (to me, at least) nibblies! Only problem is, it took about two days before the negative effect kicked in and had my Mummy waking up in the middle of the night from the resulting smell and urgent need to clean my sleeping area two nights in a row - as well as in the morning. I felt sooooo bad but Mummy did not even look cross at me - not even once. She loved and cuddled me and I felt much better when she kissed me and stroked me after cleaning up and putting me back to bed. I got taken to the Vet on the Sunday morning and received some antibiotics which I need to take for five days. The worst part of this ordeal was that I was not allowed to eat the WHOLE of Sunday!! Not even my biggest pleading eyes would melt Mummy's heart (I kept wondering why she turned away from me so quickly when I always looked at her). Must be a human thingy. At least now I am back to myself again and on top of things again (literally hee hee).

Nan went to work with Mummy on Wednesday to help her with some work and I was left Home Alone again!! Plus, to make things worse, Mummy and The Dad found my sneak-out-of-the-gate place and The Dad has now put something up so that I cannot go through anymore. Mummy has built such an obstacle course of heavy rocks and wooden blocks that even SHE struggles to open the gate (will teach her!) I managed to get out of the yard about a week ago and luckily a neighbour phoned the number on my name tag attached to my collar. Somehow, I do not think Mummy, The Dad or even Nan were impressed with my 'adventure'! I wonder why?

I have now also finished both the Puppy and Level 1 classes (got a certificate for this one - will have Mummy add it to my blog later when she has time) and have started on Level 2 classes this month. I am such a clever one! And I seem to have won the instructors over too - Yes!!! I get praised often and used as an example too. Love the attention! But I must add, Mummy and I work pretty hard at home too in order for me to remember everything taught to us. I still get confused sometimes but Mummy never shouts at me and just encourages me more. I like that very much.

The Dad has been very active downstairs in the garage sorting out the packing and storage space so that his and Mummy's hobby work benches can get cleared and put in it's right place. Last night The Dad brought some new lights home that he will install for Mummy over her work bench. I think Mummy is keen to get going on her Dollshouse construction again, especially with Nan here to help. Nice to have Nan with us. Wonder if we can keep her here forever - but I think Ciara (Mummy's niece and Goddaughter) will miss her too much if that ever happened?

I know that Mummy tries so hard to get to my blog in the evenings but feels so guilty if she does not spend time with either Nan or The Dad (he gets kinda grumpy without enough attention - and here I have to spend ALL day without Mummy's attention!!). Wonder if Mummy can be divided into parts for all of us? mmmmmmmm maybe not such a good idea, might be a bit messy hee hee

Mummy will be taking some time off during the school holidays in September and I know that we will be going out for walks and drives and I am OH SO looking forward to THAT! I know, I know, I cannot go with everytime, especially when Mummy takes Nan to Bonorong (lovely wildlife park near Hobart). We know the owner and Mummy works with the owner's Father too - so they will be getting VIP treatment when they go! I would love to go with but I do not think I could handle seeing all the animals behind fences. At least they are well cared for and gives people the opportunity to see some of Tasmania's special animals. Mummy loves this place.

Oh, before I forget. Mummy also brought Nan into work on her 80th birthday (Friday, 28 August). Mummy had ordered some butterfly fairy cakes from the one lady at work, bought a carrot cake and some sausage rolls on her way to work that morning too. At morning tea all these were put out - only thing is that another lady also had her birthday on that day and she also had some cakes made - AND - somebody had gone out to buy some real yummy looking fruit tartlets and pate. A real feast it was. Mummy got a 4 inch by 2 inch round candle from the Science lab and light that for Nan to blow out. The fact that there were some teachers also sitting in the staffroom at the time just made the group who sang 'Happy Birthday' to Nan that many more voices and poor Nan was in tears (but she smiled with happiness). That evening after work the humans went up to Mount Wellington and walked in the fresh snow. I believe it was ffrreeeeeezing cold up there. Mummy will also put up some photos of this adventure. Heck, 80 years old and you go frolicking in the cold and wet weather! I fear to ask, what next. After that they went to Fish Frenzy and Mummy and Nan had the fish platter (Mummy loves this but it is too much for one person). Nan had some wine with this and then, as if all of these activities were not enough, they went for a walk down to the yachts - THEN back to Mures where Mummy and Nan bought some ice-cream and The Dad had another glass of wine. Eventually they were asked to leave because the place was closing (not really that late!).

Mummy and The Dad bought Nan a digital photoframe for her birthday and when she goes back to South Africa, she will have loads of pictures as a slideshow which the rest of the family can watch (and see ME too!!). Nan too has fallen for my charms and she is such a push-over (figuratively AND physically hee hee).

Ooops, I need to let Mummy get on with her work again, so I better greet you all now. I took heed of my friend Max' advise and worked on Mummy every day until she succumed to my pleas and got to enter a bit of updating onto my blog. I hope the next update does not that this long!

Take care of yourselves and keep well
God Bless


  1. Welcome back Paxton!.
    mmmm So much news! But glad you are well, happy and bloggin again!
    Lots of licks

  2. Hiya Paxton - what a pleasure to meet you - we agree with your header - anti-bully yalk will not be tolerated

    thanx for the support for Woodrow

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ