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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Please be patient - your call will be answered ...

Woof, woof
I know you must be thinking that I've grown tired of adding to my blogg; however, with The Dad enlisting Mummy's help to erect the back fence, Mummy working in the evenings to get the house ready for my Nan's arrival (arrived Monday, 10 August) and now Mummy and Nan chatting the night away, I struggle to pin her down long enough to add my new photos and news - but I am working on it.
Please be patient - I promise it will not be that long before an update is posted. Mmmmmm, maybe I must enlist Nan's help .... or maybe not; she did not know how to answer our cordless home phone when Mummy phoned on Tuesday to check that Nan was OK. Mummy ended up phoning The Dad to come home to see if we were OK at home!
At least I now get to come indoors with all the ongoing rain the past couple of weeks hee hee!!
Until we get back into blogging
Take care and God Bless


  1. Hey there, Paxton
    What fun to have your Nan around. I really understand what you are saying! These humans really get distracted...and our friends have to suffer! I suggest you keep jumping on her lap...or better still: Grap that computer! That should get her attention.
    Hope you are all well.
    Lots of licks

  2. we are eagerly awaiting some more posts - you are such a cutie - and yes nan might not need much of a help

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ