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Monday, July 27, 2009

Remnants of the last snow

Woof, woof
What a weekend it has been. So many places visited and so many things done. I think I will need this week coming to get over it all hee hee.
Saturday morning I 'helped' Mummy get the sheets on the line - only to be told firmly- NO! Yelp, how was I supposed to know this task was for humans only?? Anyway, it got her speeded up a bit, I think, because I wanted to go for my beach stroll and soon afterwards, we got going! There were not so many friends around this time but I still got to meet more new friends.
Again, as usual, they do not seem to be interested in socialising a lot but rather go chasing after frisbees or tennis balls. I'm learning about this. You must see my new frisbee!
I just have to figure out what I must do with it. I must add though that, to Mummy's dismay, I truly found the sticks on the beach to be more interesting than the frisbee. I again discovered some Star fish that had washed up on the beach.
Oh, and I ventured into the water by myself and thought that I had to drink it up or drown! Problem is, there was so much of it and it tasted awful!
Some of the humans I met on Saturday seemed very unfriendly and just ran - and then kept on running. I tried to catch up to them but Mummy called me back. You must also see, I left my own paw prints in the sand!
After our beach walk, Mummy and I ended up going to Pane Cucina (not La Panini as Mummy originally thought - HUMANS!!), the cafe and bakery in North Hobart. Sad things was, there were no other doggies there for me to socialise with!
On our way home, Mummy stopped off at our usual 'Sunday Walk' place and I got to run around a bit to let off some more energy before we headed for home.
On Sunday afternoon late, Mummy, The Dad and I drove up Mount Wellington because Mummy wanted to show me the snow. Was it windy and cold up there, Woof!!! I got dressed up warm but the cap kept falling over my eyes and I could not see where I was going so, in the end, it was pushed off my head. It was an experience to feel all this wet, cold and watery white stuff under my eetsy bitsy tiny paws (OK - they are not that small - still). I got to climb and run in this stuff and found it very interesting. I even left my paw prints in the snow too!
It was dark by the time we left but The Dad sure enjoyed standing outside and looking down at the shimmering lights of Hobart! Lucky for me, Mummy travels with a supply of food in the car and I got to have a bite to eat. I think I was starving (but Mummy is always there to look out for me - mwhah!) by this time.Then The Dad wanted to go to the Waterfront for something to eat because Mummy was very hungry and I got to go with too! I had my own chair under a nice gas heater outside the restaurant. Although I do not get fed from the table, Mummy gave me a lick of some cream that came with the desert. I think I can get used to that stuff! Yummy! Pity, Mummy would not let me have more.
When we got home, Mummy gave me a nice bowl of my own special food (which I cleaned up quickly) and I then got into bed almost immediately! What a busy weekend it has been. We now have a new letterbox too and I got to rip the box apart that was wrapped around it! I will get Mummy to take a photo of this during the week. I think it looks nice. We still need to put up a proper number on the pedestal but the small one is OK for now. I noticed that Mummy also put up a 'No Junk Mail, Please' sticker - we sure get a lot of that in our letterbox here!
Will keep you updated of how the painting of the passage goes! Oh, I did not mention this before? The Dad bought some paint for the passage because there is a big unpainted place in the wall from where he removed the passage bank heater. Got to get the house looking nice for my Nan's visit from South Africa! I am looking forward to her coming to visit (as is Mummy) because then I have somebody with me ALL DAY! Wooofffeeeeeeee! The Dad wanted a white but Mummy is dead-set against a 'sterile' house as she wants to bring in bright colours. Anyway, the colour is a very, very pale lemon. I will give you a peek when it has been done.
Stay well all my other four-legged friends - oops, and human friends hee hee.
Until we meet again, God Bless.

1 comment:

  1. Hey there, Paxton and Shirls.
    Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun this weekend. That beach looks awesome! one of my dreams is to go with my Mom to the beach one day - I too would love to leave my pawprints in the sand (and possibly mark my territory too!?).
    Yikes, you are having a visitor from South Africa. That is pawsome, Paxton! Maybe you can ruff and tumble her, or help her unpack her suitcase (watch Mom's reaction then!..he, he!) It will be lovely to have some company, Im sure. We are lucky here because Mom is always around.
    Take care and we are looking forward to see the lemon passage!
    Lots of licks
    Maxdog in South Africa