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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Understanding Humans

Woof, Woof
Am I glad to be of the canine species and not human! You lot are sure complicated to understand and sometimes trying to understand The Dad is totally alien to both Mummy and me. I have heard of humanoids and although I do not know what those things are, could The Dad perhaps be one of those things and have a chip malfunction?
You see, it is like this. Humans always tell you that just because a dog wags his tail, does not mean that he is friendly. Right? With Mummy, when she is sad, she will either cry or be very quiet; and when she is happy, she has too much energy for her own good, is always smiling, laughing and chatting away. With The Dad, there is nothing from which one can 'read' his mood or mind. Now, normally things like this would not be a problem; however, the problem is just that even The Dad himself does not seem to know what is happening. And you humans have a thing called 'communication' too. This is supposed to mean talking, right? Lots of practice needed here.
If you ask me, Paxton, then all I can say is that Humans are a very complicated species - and that's no woofing matter!
Anyway, this is now our second attempt at getting this blog onto the page - in ONE piece. Previously Mum had written it all and what happened when she published it? Only the first two paragraphs came up! I could tell that Mummy was not that happy.
Now, to catch up of my socialising over the weekend! Mum thought she would try taking me to the beach again since I am now a bit older. Was it fun this time around!! There were, oh, so many other doggies on the beach that I could socialise with. Best part - there were HUMANS too and I love socialising with Humans! You get lots of love-rubs and pats. I also met a she-dog that was so Ooh-la-la - if you know what I mean! Yes, I know, I am still a puppy but I am a quick learner and also learnt on Saturday what is the difference between a he- and she-dog! Mmmmm, have to still work that one through later on when I am on my own (don't want to embarrass you all here hee hee).

From Bellerive Beach, Mummy and I went into Hobart and stopped off at her favourite Saturday Cafe spot - La Panini in Elizabeth Street. Lots of Humans take their dogs for walks along this stretch where you can sit and have coffee or something to eat on tables outside on the pavement. This was where Mummy and I met this lovely young lady who works at the RSPCA Animal Shelter and she came over to ask whether she could introduce her dog to me. Naturally Mummy said yes and, Boy!, was I glad - it was another she-dog!! She was a mixture of Pit Bull and Staffie and eight months old. Then this lady said that I reminded her of her Pit Bull (which she saved from being put down after he was maltreated by his Human owner) and invited us up to her house - just up the road - where I could meet Pedro. Woof! He was BIG and looked very much like me with all the white marks on my chest and paws! He turned out to be a very likeable fella too! We then walked back to the cafe and that was where we parted ways - they went to the park and Mummy and I went home. Here is the evidence of just how tiring this socialising business can be!Oh, and this is my 'car' blanket. It always stays in the car and I can only sit on that. I also only sit in the front next to Mummy because otherwise I get too noisy in the back.
Tonight we have Puppy Classes again and Mummy will be taking her camera with and asking some of the ladies there to take some pictures of us training. Then I can share that with you too!
I also thought I would share my favourite time of the day with you. This is normally weekend mornings when I get taken outside for a poop and peep and then get to jump into bed with Mum! That is sooooo nice. I get right down underneath the blankets, push my body next to Mummy and go to sleep. Sometimes I snore so loud that Mummy has to bump me to keep quiet hee hee. I sometimes also have the opportunity to try to wake The Dad. Human beds are just so comfortable AND big.
This is me with The Dad.And this is me on the weekend sharing Mummy's space in the bed with her! Nice, hey?

I so hope that everythings stays on this page up to where we are now so that I can share it with you all! Hopefully by tomorrow we can upload some Puppy Class photos too!
Look after yourselves and God Bless.



  1. Hey there Paxton (and Shirls)
    We are so happy that the posting worked out and we got to read all your news. You see, ...we look out for you guys!
    Yeah, the communication thing can be complicated. They say that Dog is Man's best friend, so tell Mom that sometimes it helps just to copy you, Paxton! Not easy, we know. Send her lots of licks and tell her to communicate with us instead!
    Glad to hear that you are getting out and socialising and meeting new friends. That's more than we can say for ourselves. It's so cold here that we prefer to just snuggle up and stay indoors.
    Tons of love
    Maxdog in South AFrica

  2. Your learning fast, human beds are the best!!