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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh wooooooee is me

Woof woof! And a very special Woof to Max my mate!
I have not been updating my blog for a long, long time and am so sorry to let all my friends down. Some of the recent events in my little life has been a bit harsh and upsetting but I feel things are almost back on track again - or at least, I hope so! And then, to make matters worse, my dear Mummy forgot my password and could not enter my blog! THAT was a crisis on its own, believe me!
Anyway, now, where do I start? Let's see ....... mmmmmm ...... oh, yes; I start my Puppy Classes this coming Wednesday and I do not know who is more excited - Mummy or me LOL. She has bought me so many treats for the training and is reading through the paperwork sent to her. I think I am going to be one of the best behaved dogs out there! Mummy has HUGE expectations for us both - she always did dream big!
Mummy has been mulling over writing a book about me for kiddies - what I do, how I learn things, what lessons kiddies can learn from it, and some other things too. I just let her get on with her dreaming. Who knows, I may end up with a well-known author for a Mummy LOL (I wish).
Oh, and I am now also up-to-date with all my shots. We went to the Vet past Thursday and I met one of the Vets - he is such a nice elderly man. Gave me a treat too -yummmmmm! I had my outside coat on (the one I wear when Mummy goes to work is a thick canvas type one with warm fleecy material against my skin) and the humans there thought I was the cutest thing on four legs. Mummy bought me a soft plastic ball-type toy where you have a treat on both sides of the ball. I just loooooooove this new toy and lick and try to chew at it all the time. Woof, before I forget, the Vet was just so impressed when Mummy had me sit and give him Five when he gave me a treat. He said that I was sooo clever for a three-month pup. Whose your Daddy????? (can I say that?)
Mummy has also taught me a new thing - she was given this tip by Mr Dean (he is the principal at the school where she works) - and that is to come to her side when she calls me. It works too! I really cannot resist the treats I get as a reward when I listen to her - and I do, every time. At first Mummy made sure that I smelt the treats in her left pocket and gave me one so that I KNEW it was a treat. Then she kept saying 'Side' and would bring me around to her left side by my collar. Hey, I am not a stupid dog and caught onto this process pretty quickly, I must add. Now, Mummy can just pat her left side of her leg, and I will come to her side. Hee hee, she thinks I am listening but I will not let on that I just want the treat. Poor Mummy!
Mummy also came across a new halter she will be getting me soon. It is called the Infin8 halter and is especially good for walking and training as it gives Mummy powerful control (I will have to work on that bit!). I suppose, with Mummy being a Cesar Millan fan, she is working very hard at letting me know who is the Pack Leader around the house. Not fair! I wanted to lead - I am the male! Grrrrrr.
We have had such cold, rainy and windy weather here lately and most weekends everything outside is damp and wet. I even have my own little 'stream' on the one side of my play area. The water is just not draining and I do not like walking there. Hey, it is wet??
Mummy pruned the apple tree yesterday and climbed up into it to get the top branches. Luckily she did not use her ladder like she did with the nectarine tree - and fell! Mummy's ladder got buckled and bent (The Dad fixed that later) and she pulled the muscles in her left shoulder because she grabbed onto a branch with that arm. I actually thought she was playing!! I started tugging at her feet and got yelled at! I did not know what was happening and ended up being very confused but Mummy soon reassured me that she was not angry - all this through her tears and I felt so sorry for her; I tried to lick away her tears. She felt better soon, so my licking obviously worked. Good Boy, Paxton!!
I know that Mummy has been promising to add more photos of me and that will come soon. I am working hard at getting Mummy's life into some sort of order - she is all over the place at the moment; very scatter-brained and very unusual of her. Lots of work ahead for me. A real dog's life I am having! Woof, only joking.
Mummy also got me my own health insurance - with the same private medical aid as what she is on! AND mine is called 'Gold Paw'. Got Mummy eating out of my paw!
Well, now that we are back online again, I am sure I can convince Mummy to get down to writing more regularly for me again. You all take care now and behave like I do (hee hee).
Until next time
God bless


  1. Hey there, Paxton (and Shirley)
    We are so glad you are back blogging and that the missing password has been found. We missed you!

    Wow, you have so much news...its scary! But a pups life (and Mom's) is often like that. We can hear that Mom has been stressed in her life and want to encourage you to become a real 'therapy' dog to her...I have been the most amazing therapy dog through all sorts of trials and tribulations and my mom has come out on top! So, I will become your cheer leader!

    Puppy classes are a good place to start and it sounds like mom has got you well in check. Its nice to know what our doggie boundaries are.

    Also - hope your mom isn't too badly hurt. Give her lots of licks to make her shoulder better.

    Thats all for now...glad you are back!
    Lots of licks
    Maxdog in South Africa

  2. Did You have a lost password? Don't you just hate that!