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Friday, July 10, 2009

Me, Mummy, The Dad and my Jackets

Woof, woof
OK - as promised, here are some pictures of only me, me and Mummy, me and The Dad an then some of me in my jackets. I will start with my favourite one - or rather, Mummy's one:

I look just oh so innocent here - real puppy-faced. Mummy even commented this week about how much I have grown since I came home. I think I must have her print this photo and put it up on the fridge for the day to look at when I was really, really naughty. Who would be able to stay cross with somebody looking so innocent? Would you. No Human would be able to resist kissing and cuddling me! I even have The Dad wrapped around my black-tipped tail - he might as well stop protesting and face facts hee hee - he is hooked on me too.
And this is me in my 'going-out' jacket. It also has a hood on but Mummy never puts it on because then I cannot see. Sometimes when it is very cold, Mummy puts this on me so that I can sleep nice and warm. It is still a little bit big and has one BIG problem.

When I make a No 1, if Mummy does not turn the jacked up on my back, I sometimes wet the bottom inside of the jacket and that means I have to take it off for Mummy to rinse.

This is me and The Dad in our garage. He always seems to love 'wrapping' me up. I enjoy this very much and often go back for more. I do not think I can ever get too much cuddles. This pitbull is a real souk for kisses and cuddles. I'm a real people-pup.

Mummy loves to get down to my level to crawl and play on the floor and I really have fun jumping all over her. We both normally end up laughing very much - I sometimes get so excited that I mouth her and am pretty surprised when I hear a very sharp 'No Biting!' Here is a picture of me and Mummy lying on the floor in the garage - The Dad was sorting out Mummy's 'gym' area and we went to 'help'. This my favourite play time when we roll around on the floor.

And this is my 'hunting' jacket and I call the colour khaki. Unfortunately I do not think I will be able to wear this jacket for that much longer because it seems to be getting a bit short along my back. Mummy puts this on every morning before she leaves for work so that I remain all snug and warm when I wait for her to come back after work. As you can all see, I am just checking up that that she is giving the right amount of food and not skimping like she did when she just got me.
I am now just over 10kgs and becoming heavier! Mummy notices that when she picks me up and cuddles me like a human baby.

Oh, and this is my 'sister', Georgie, a Galah! We are being introduced gradually but I have absolutely no interest in her. She is typical girl - just pink, fluffy and totally spoilt! She even bit my neck and ears when she sat on my back! I tolerated her for a while but when she bit my ear, I just yelped: No more - I am not allowed to bite but you bite me all over! Anyway, she screams real loud too and hisses at me - but she is OK, I suppose. She is also a real Daddy's Girl. Not that I mind because I am a Mummy's Boy anyway. Mummy stood guard the whole time watching us together - I think she was more concerned about me getting bit by her rather than me biting her. I am not that sort of dog!
Well, that is a bit more about me and my family. I now also just sneak off to my bed in the laundry all by myself but find that Mummy still comes to close the entrance - just in case I make an oops in the house during the night. I also do not cry at night anymore. See? I am now a Big Boy.
Mummy has to go to work for a bit tomorrow morning and I think I may get to go with her. If it does not rain (as forecast), I may get to go onto the sand again and see how I take to it this time.
Thank you also to all you lovely people that follow my Blog. Puply appreciated.
Until later, take care and God Bless.


  1. Just love the purple Jacket and Mummy rolling on the floor! Daddy as well.

    Paxton, you really need to up date your header - not a puupy any more - toddler! a really big puppy now!

    Keep training Mummy - you will get there.



  2. Hey there Paxton and Shirley
    Yes, I agree with Sally...Paxton is really growing! What a cute pup!...and such beautiful attire! He is obviously loved enormously. The pictures of the cuddles tell it all. The doggie-human bond is growig and growing.
    Take care and have a wonderful weekend.
    Tonsaluv Max (and Caryl) in South Africa