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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saturday was not so good

Woof, Woof
You will never guess where and how I spent my Saturday! In bed with Mummy for most of the day!!

Yip, despite all those plans of Mummy to go into work quickly to finish off some things that needed doing before Monday morning, we got to go nowhere! Mummy awoke with one mean migraine and that put our plans right out the window.
The Dad left for work, as normal on a Saturday, and Mummy took something that looked like treats but are not (I think Humans call it tablets?), fetched me and we both got back into bed - oh, after putting me outside for breakfast and doing my usual toiletry.
I cuddled Mummy and tried to lick away her headache but eventually we both fell asleep although I must say, Mummy moans and moves around a lot when she has a headache! She only got up to let me outside or take more tablets. When The Dad got home, we were still in bed! I then jumped down to go and lie with The Dad in the lounge whilst Mummy went back to sleep.
Eventually Mummy got up and made herself some toast and put a frozen Lasagna in the oven for The Dad. Normally Mummy makes me work a bit for my food but today I just got given my food but I must admit (don't tell Mummy or The Dad, please), I don't think that I quite like the new food The Dad wanted her to get me. I know that she gradually changed me over from the one type to the next but, hey, even Mummy thinks the new food stinks! And it is not your usual off-the-shelf supermarket type food either! Anyway, Mummy tries to camouflage the food with little bits of crushed dried liver but I think she may try to feed it to me as 'wet' food today by putting some hot water on it. Mmmmmmmm - will see how that tastes!
Mummy got up just before 6am this morning and I think her headache is almost gone but we'll see later on. We must go to her work later and perhaps, if her headache is really gone, she may end up taking me to the beach again - unless the rain comes down as was forecast for the weekend. It did end up raining yesterday afternoon late and is very overcast now.
Hopefully I will have time again later today to have a chat with you all to tell you how my day went today. At the moment I am cuddled up in my own bed and am not silly enough to leave the warmth thereof either hee hee.
Enoy your day too.
Take care and God Bless.


  1. Hey there, Paxton
    We're sorry to hear that Mom had such a bad migrane. It seems this is a reasonably common occurence with my Mom too. I have some photos to prove that I too cuddle her in bed, but Mom has banned them from publishing...sigh!
    Remember, even if she doesn't really like them...the licks help!
    Tell Mom to get better soon.
    Tonsaluv Maxdog in SA

  2. Hi Paxton, your mums must be feeling better by now. jog over to our place and see whats we left for you there.

  3. Heee-haaaaaa - now THAT's what I want to hear woof, woof.