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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My First Real Bone!!!

Woof, Woof!!
I have so much to tell you all and do not know where to start! Maybe at the beginning will be good, yes?
OK. I've got Mummy trained so well now with our walks. I took her for a nice long walk on Sunday morning - mmmmmm, probably about 2.5kms. We only turned back because it looked like the sky was turning darker and darker and did not want to get caught in a downpour (which never came - just light rain). Anyway, I ended up jogging a bit every now and then. Mummy thinks I look too cute with my ears flapping!
Mummy did some more pruning this past weekend too and now the apple tree looks clean. I was outside my normal fence (still in our yard) but was not listening and ran next door where Mummy had to fetch me from. I could tell she was NOT happy or impressed with me. I did say sorry!
Also, I got taught something new over the weekend too! Mummy showed me my favourite liver treats and had it in her left pocket (she let me smell it) and also in her hand. She then patted her left leg and said 'Side'. I had NO idea what she meant but she gave me a treat because I saw it. This she did for about ten minutes and, Boy, did I love those treats. I even impressed The Dad! Now Mummy can just pat her left leg and say 'Side' and I will come to her left side - even without a treat. I do get a lot of praise though and I love that too!
On Sunday I went with Mummy and The Dad in his ute to one of his jobs as he had to go and look at a broken-down truck. At first it was fun riding in the ute but after a while I did not enjoy it anymore. I just lay down and I think Mummy saw that I was starting to turn 'green'. The Dad had to drive the big truck back to his workshop and Mummy ended up driving the work's ute. Now that I was not being held by Mummy, I really could feel the movement of the ute and that just did it for me! Mummy saved the day by pushing The Dad's jacket underneath me onto which I ooopsed big time! And she did not even moan at me! I felt so sad afterwards but also much better. Anyway, when we got to The Dad's work, Mummy gave me some water and took me for a nice walk on the grass. I just loved breathin in the fresh air and having terra-firma under my feet again. I think I prefer being in Mummy's car. Smoother ride, Yeah!
Mummy and I went for a very, very long walk tonight - well, it felt like it, at least! We then had The Dad pick us up on his way home and he measured our walk. Just over 3kms we did. Luckily for Mummy most of it was down hill and we jogged a bit too. We are slowly getting fitter and doing longer distances. My puppy legs are growing stronger every day! Way to go, Paxton!
Now this is my favourite of favourite stories to tell you all. Woof!
Tonight The Dad brought me a present from somebody at his work. My first real bone! At first I had NO idea what this thing was and stood back a bit but it smelled sooooooo good. I went closer and took a couple of licks. That is when the natural 'dog' inside came to the front - I got stuck into that bone! Let me tell you all. It sure was lip-licking good. Luckily Mummy took it away after a while so that I could continue having nice chewy pieces for tomorrow too. She is going to add some new photos for you all to see.
And on Wednesday after Mummy comes back from work, her and I are going to my very first Puppy Classes. I am really excited about this because then I can socialise! That is the bestest of it all. Mummy will be trained and I will have fun - hee hee - don't tell her now, you hear! I will let you know how that went. I do know that I will be getting lots and lots of treats and am looking forward to that too! I know that Mummy is desperate to potty train me - I keep on making lots of ooops' and she is starting to let me know that I am not impressing her at all. I suppose I will have to come to grips with that too.
I better let Mummy go so that she can finish her and The Dad's supper. I've had mine already and am relaxing underneath her chair at the moment.
Thank you to everybody for leaving comments for me to read. I so enjoy hearing from you all!
Take good care of yourselves and God bless you all.


  1. oh wow, i'm happy to find blog about dog. i have one too!

  2. Hey there Paxton
    So you're a car-sick dog? Well don't worry, that gets better with time. How does Dad like the smell of his jacket?...Go Paxton!
    Hey my boy, please tell mom to go easy on the walks. We are not sure how old you are, but if you are still a little puppy, please ask her not to push too hard,too soon. :)
    We can't wait to hear how the puppy classes go. Lets hope the trainers don't bully mom...they can sometimes be quite mean.
    Take care, dear dog and lotsaluv to Mom
    Maxdog & Co in South AFrica